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Retracing My Steps to Gerasa of Antiquity

Sometimes, you just can’t let the past bury itself, especially if it’s the Roman city of Gerasa.

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The Roman Theatre in Jordan

During one of largest world holidays, Whena invited me to visit an ancient roman theater in Amman, Jordan. If you wish to find out more about our Jordan trip, visit Island Trotters. Or LIKE Island Trotters’ Facebook for live updates (thanks very much!).

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I’ll Walk You Through Bur Dubai, Come!

I was told my blog uses too many words. So for this post, I’ll just walk you through Bur Dubai – one of the oldest areas in the city of Dubai. This is where I lived for about two years.

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SSS Salary Loan for Self-Employed or Voluntary Members: A Quick Guide

My SSS salary loan check was delivered to my address a week ago. How long did it take? Four days short of a month. Fast, right? I thought so, too.

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The Ugly Truths About Most Weekend Travels

Not all of my travels are great. This post is about the not-so-fantastic parts of my adventures – the misadventures. Trust me, there are many ways to ruin a trip – a weekend travel in particular.

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Revenge of the Nerds: How to Strike Back the Smart Way

Do you get a feeling of pleasure when bad things happen to someone, especially someone who has done terrible things to you? If you used to be a lingo geek i.e. nerd/outcast in high school, you must know that the term for this emotion is “schadenfreude” /shahd-n-froi-duh/ from German words schaden meaning harm & freude,  joy. Read more →

Surprising Lessons from “The Ugly Truth”

Funny how a romantic comedy movie can impart useful life lessons.  These three things are the key takeaways from the movie, “The Ugly Truth.” Read more →