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Orange is the New Black

It’s official. I’m really starting to grow up.

Situations which I used to judge as wrong or appalling now suddenly become less… unpleasant. Read more →

7 Shareable Thoughts with Lovely Images

Good day, awesome readers! I hope you’re having a pleasant and productive day so far!

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10 Super Awesome Dad-Daughter Movies

No dad is perfect. Yet in these movies, they seem to be the most charming creatures on the planet. None of these fathers would have been super awesome without their charismatic daughters. Both are necessary elements to a unique and unforgettable tandem. Read more →

Parasyte Manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki

Cold-blooded, eccentric and murderous aliens called “parasites” plot the absolute extermination of mankind. They believe they are the antidote to our poisoned world. In the face of this threat of invasion, who shall stand up to fight these blood-thirsty monsters to save humanity? Read more →

Eve’s Days in Garden Eden

Yes it’s but unwise to say:
“Yesterday’s better than today”
Since it’s gone, old and passé,
But aren’t Eve’s days just so gay?

When naked was the only fashion approved,
When just plants and fruits could pass as food,
When wandering in paradise was all the work,
When Adam’s gaze and flesh were solely hers.

Weren’t those days filled with glee?
When anger or sadness are unknown,
When nature’s wonders wake you each morn,
Wasn’t Eve’s life just downright amazin’?

She’s not alive to tell me the whole story,
I could only envy her for the tales I imagined,
Eve’s life must be uneventful or blissful,
Either way, I’ll set out to remake those days.

To practice thrift and simplicity in clothing,
To eat just what grows directly from plants,
To be so close to nature, relishing its divine beauty,
To be cuddled by a significant other ’til I kiss the grave.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Follow that question with: “What is one thing you would like to be remembered for when that inevitable time comes?” Read more →

Balance: Key to a Healthy Partnership

Do you see a pattern among your successful and unsuccessful relationships? Have you figured what went wrong and how some went right?

We live in a world of opposing forces. Read more →