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Thoughts on The Toynbee Convector by Ray Bradbury

What can be cooler than a time travel story? (Maybe an illusion realised?)

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29 Questions I Still Ask Myself

Three days before I get fully sentimental. I’m letting out 29 questions that I’m still asking myself.

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What’s Your 2048 Strategy?

2048 was spiteful.

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Free Figures of Speech Infographic

Designing an infographic is addicting.

After making an infographic about Phrasal Verbs, my desire to create more useful ESL lessons through infographics just won’t die. In fact, it keeps burning. Today, I’ve finished one infographic about Figures of Speech. I thought it’s delightful.

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Phrasal Verbs Infographic via Piktochart

What do you feel about infographics? For me, they’re fabulous!

When I googled “infographics creator” last night, I found Piktochart on top of the search results. I gave it a try and here’s my first infographic! It’s about Phrasals or Phrasal verbs. Read more →

A Father’s Day Message

Most fathers are under-appreciated, some are not even appreciated. My father perhaps falls in between. Maybe we can blame it on general gender divide: most men are action-oriented while lots of women are discussion-inclined. I rarely tell my father how much I love him, most recent was last May 24th on a less than 10-minute phone call. Read more →

Orange is the New Black

It’s official. I’m really starting to grow up.

Situations which I used to judge as wrong or appalling now suddenly become less… unpleasant. Read more →