Finding Courage in Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls Vine Swinging

It was our second day in Siquijor. I was feeling more hopeful, trying to forget yesterday’s cowardice at Salagdoong Beach. Based on our jam-packed itinerary, the first destination was Cambugahay Falls. Known for its enchanting three-level waterfalls and must-do vine-swinging (ala Tarzan), I was super excited to see it. (Too excited that I didn’t check our […]

Wednesday Wonderings

Tops Lookout Cebu

Good day, curious readers! Here’s your weekly dose of “Wednesday Wonderings”, basically a list of what I’m thinking about lately. What’s on my Blink today: Moody Bitches by Julie Holland, MD –  If you’re a woman and you’ve been called “moody” a bunch of times, this blink is for you. The hormones and chemicals cruising in […]