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  1. Jeni Kielich
    Jeni Kielich at ·

    This is very good. I know it will help me with what I’m doing. I’m going to share this with my friends.

  2. manimage
    manimage at ·

    I bookmark this page to refer it to friends and family…Good info..thanks

  3. Ahmad
    Ahmad at ·

    you have a good list. I have my CVs on most of the websites but I found Akhtaboot the friendliest and got me a job in Dubai. therefore, can really recommend trying from http://www.akhtaboot.com!

  4. TARUN
    TARUN at ·


  5. Ali
    Ali at ·

    I like http://www.jobibex.com, it’s new but it’s picking up fast

  6. sameer
    sameer at ·

    is jobsindubai genuine or fraud? becoz its want activation with a huge amount. i want to work in dubai , i am fresher software engineer, which site is better for me?

  7. Voldy
    Voldy at ·

    Hi Sameer, I must say jobsindubai must be fake; I did a thorough research on it. DO NOT pay the amount 92 CAD. Do you know it is illegal for any recruitment service in UAE to ask for fees from the employee. I am surprised it is listed here, alongside genuine sites like Bayt; the author ought to do more research on it.

  8. shafique
    shafique at ·

    hi, Issa i just want to know through which site i can get job by staying at home , by just applying online. i mean to say , i don’t want to go UAE as a visitor for job. kindly guide me.
    waiting for your reply

  9. priyantha kumara
    priyantha kumara at ·

    I want to search sales executive jobs

  10. Raja
    Raja at ·

    Hi this is raja i got an offer from ngi life insurance as a unit manager. I want to know is it a good company or not?

  11. Jayr Gibe
    Jayr Gibe at ·

    Hello ate issa. Maraming salamat sa blog mo. Napakalaking tulong in terms of information. :)

  12. Tarun
    Tarun at ·

    hi does any body know how is damac

  13. Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones at ·

    Hi, I’m Kevin from http://www.jobsindubaiemirates.com. Thank you for the listing of job sites. Can anybody tell us where I can get genuine and reliable freelance jobs. Hope to hear a positive response soon.


  14. Faisal
    Faisal at ·

    Thanks for sharing the list Issa. I just wanted to add another job site to your list;

    It’s a job aggregator for latest job vacancies in Dubai.

  15. Amair
    Amair at ·

    Its Simply Superb @issa

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