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26 Replies to “Get in Touch!”

  1. emy bitancor says:

    Hello this is ms. emy bitancor the Fil coordinator of assumption college san lorenzo, i just want to ask u if we can use ur poem “Bukas ng Payatas” to be d contest piece for our sabayang pagbigkas 4 d buwan ng wika celebration? tnx

  2. Hello, Ms. Emy! Thanks for your interest.

    Sure, you may.. I’d be glad to see the presentation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Augusto Dmello says:

    Hi Issa
    Good day
    well my daughter is born in kuwait & i sent my daughter’s papers to Saudi for attestation but Portugal Embassy in Saudi confirm that now attestation is done only in UAE
    please can you help me out in this case & what is the fee
    Thank you & good day

  4. Sucorina Furtado says:

    Hi Issa…
    How are you? Hope your doing well..
    Well, I have few quires about the Portuguese ppt. I have already applied for marriage registration of my parents after I receive it Could you please guide me how do I have to apply further for my ppt in Portuguese embassy abu dhabi ? I would also like to know what documents would be required for the same. please guide about the Portuguese embassy abu dhabi timings and what would be the cost for further process.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Thanks & Regards

  5. I have asked befor some Clarificationbut now that i got all my documents from Goa ie:- nasamentof my father Kasament of my mother notary ,collectors Stamp,Home Dep Stamp,Portugase ambassy Stamp where shall or what to do now?

  6. my marriage was done in Goa Portugal consulate. now since i m born in Bahrain how do i get myself registered as i m on my residence visa in UAE
    please advice

  7. Hi Issa,

    Hope youa re doing fine.

    Well, I would like to have some information as to how I can get my BI through the portuguese consulate in Abu Dhabi. My birth has already been registered through a lawyer back home in Goa and since i reside in UAE, I would like to have rest of the formalities done from here. I need to hae a detail list of documentation and other requirements. Any assitance on the time frame will be highly appreciated. As per you, is it better to have the marriage registered prior to BI?
    Thanks a ton for your quick reply.

  8. Hi Issa
    This is my last message to you and hoping you will guide me in finding the right answer to my problem.
    well Issa,In short, I applied in 1999,attested all my doc’s in goa and then to the embassy in riyadh sa.later on asked me more doc’s to support my proof that I was in goa and i did so,all done and I got reply from the consul saying my doc’s are sent to lisbon to the Conserv,dos registos des centrais and till now 2 years passed there is no news.
    My file # is 24538/99TNI can you please find the answer to this .I will be so thankful and god blessu
    Nazareth d’souza
    Canadian embassy kuwait.

  9. For all who are asking about Portugal Embassy in Abu Dhabi, please go over the comments on this post:

  10. Russell Cardozo says:

    Hi Issa,

    I’m Russell. I stumbled on your blog and funny enough but while searching for details on the Portuguese passport and embassy in Dubai. Your writing is interesting. unique. Inspiring in a way too. I will try to document my travels as well.

    Keep Writing


  11. Hi Russell,

    I try to blog as often as I can about things I love or stuff I think others might like/benefit from.

    Thanks for reading and I truly appreciate your encouraging words. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hi po! Can we use your photo of sir Joey Ayala during his Mandiriwa Concert(Music Museum? He will mentor in our camp. ๐Ÿ™‚ We help young creative who do not have the machinery. Hope to hear from you soon.

  13. Hey Jan,

    Feel free to use it. Amazing artist he is.

    Better photos are available at


  14. Hi ms. Issa! Thank you so much! You are very generous! Here’s the poster. Dios mabalos!

  15. Wow, Jan! That looks like a great event! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks also for sharing my blog. I really appreciate it.

  16. Saby fernandes says:

    Hi Issa,
    My Mom was born in Goa 1953, and got married In other state of in India in 1973, is she eligible for BI if she proofs her birth in teor, can I register her birth in UAE Portuguese embassy, and what are my chances of getting my BI as I was born in Maharashtra Nasik. my schooling was done there only marriage was done in goa that too in the year 2011. what are my chances of getting a BI.

    Many thanks ,
    saby fernandes,

  17. cedric Paes says:

    Hi ms. Issa
    i am a Portuguese citizens but my wife and kids are not , we are base in kuwait and are planning a trip to Lisbon by the first week of feb 2019 will they get visa on arrival for them as they holding indian citizenship

  18. Hi Cedric,
    Sorry for the late response. Itโ€™d be best to call +971 265 05541. Or e-mail your questions at or
    Wish you guys safe trip to Lisbon.

  19. Daniel Martins says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I live in UAE, my Passport and BI renewal due in October 2019, kindly advise renewal procedure, need to visit embassy or require on line appointment.
    kindly advise.

    Thanks and Regards
    Daniel Martins

  20. Hi Daniel,

    Itโ€™d be best to call +971 265 05541. Or e-mail your questions at or

  21. Good morning, maam. Would like to correct you regarding the number you have posted regarding the PSH Maternity Package. The number that texted you regarding the vaccinations of your child is from the Pediatrics Department. You can refer inquiries to Perpetual Succour ObGyn facebook page. Thank you

  22. Hi Ma’am. Sorry about that. I’ll remove the mobile number. I thought it was under the OPD department. Can you please confirm that this is the right facebook page?

  23. I wish to post an article coming from our website.

    Hope For All Children, an Advocacy NonProfit Organization, is a multi-faceted mission focused on addressing three of the world’s greatest injustices in our generation: the #orphanedchildren, the #traffickedchildren, and the #hungrychildren.

  24. Francisco Casmiro Fernandes says:




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