Used Books For Sale

I’m moving to a new space and embracing a life of minimalism. I’m not saying it’s the surefire way to happiness but it’s worth a shot. So I’ll be selling my physical books.

I take care of my books so most of these are in mint condition. My top three favorites are 501 Must-Take Journeys, English Plain and Simple by Jose A. Carillo, and Word Power Made Easy by  Norman Lewis.

For book collectors, page sniffers, or library owners out there, you’ll love this list. For delivery inquiries, please email me at

See the price list below. 🙂

  1.  Traction by Gino Wickman – P350.00 (SOLD)
  2. The Intellectual Devotional (Modern Culture) – P300.00  (SOLD)
  3. Social Media Metrics – P 100.00 (SOLD)
  4. Essentials of English – P 150.00 (SOLD)
  5. Correct your English Errors – P 200.00 (Reserved)
  6. Oxford Guide to Plain English – P 300.00
  7. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins – P 300.00
  8. Raising Confident Readers by Dr. J. Richard Gentry – P 360.00 (SOLD)
  9.  501 Must-Take Journeys – P 501.00  (SOLD)
  10. The Penguin Guide to Plain English – P 150.00
  11. Tina Fey (Bossy Pants) – P 150.00 (SOLD)
  12. English Plain and Simple by Jose A. Carillo – P 300.00 (SOLD)
  13. The Joy of Vocabulary – P 150.00 (Reserved)
  14. Word Power Made Easy – P 200.00 (SOLD)
  15. Barron’s English Verbs – P 150.00
  16. Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan – P 200.00 (SOLD)
  17. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – P 100.00 (SOLD)
  18. Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card – P 100.00 (SOLD)

Thank you for the inquiries. Hurry and claim your book now!