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My Thoughts on “The One Where They All Turn Thirty”

Rachel Green at 30

Let me say it outright: Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) is my least favorite character in FRIENDS. She is an epitome of the “basic girl” – dependent, materialistic, and a ‘run of the mill white girl’, at least according to Urban Dictionary.

But my biased opinion of her character has slightly changed after seeing episode 14 of Season 7 (it took that long!): “The One Where They All Turn Thirty“.

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20 Places You Should Have Visited by Now if You Live in Cebu

My family and friends are asking me what makes Cebu special. I don’t have a single answer. It seems the province has so much to offer.

In no particular order, here are the spots in Cebu that I find worth visiting.Thanks very much to the awesome instragrammers who took these gorgeous pictures. If I missed anything, feel free to add more. Read more →

New Baby, Feeling 30, and Trip to Dumaguete

For our 6th anniversary, Neil and I decided to get a new baby: Fujifilm X-A2.


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Carnaza Island in the Eyes of a First-Time Visitor

Carnaza Island has been a frequent subject of enormous interest to us.

One morning over coffee,  we were watching yet again another video of it for inspiration. It was about Osmeña, who owns most of Carnaza, advertising his private resort and showing the splendid spots of the island. Read more →

Brown Cup Talamban: Nothing’s Better than a Neighborhood Cafe

Waffles, bacon, eggs, and a warm cup of brewed coffee (P120 all in) – I could eat these at any meal of the day thanks to Brown Cup, Talamban. Marry me. I mean, I’m assured of merry mornings having this café close by.

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30 Days to 30: A Countdown

Hi. Yes, you. Have 3 minutes to spare? Let’s talk.

Three years from now and I’m no longer a tween. A tween, according to marvellous J.R.R. Tolkien, is a hobbit who is between 20 and 32.

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5 Animes About Ambition

Most animes we grew up watching involved battles with evil forces and unbeatable villains. B’t X, Thunder Jet, and Ghost Fighter fans can surely relate. While they’re uber-fun and exciting, none of them inspires us to work towards our dream. In short, their value is purely ‘entertainment’. Read more →