My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected

Mom and Baby

About 39 weeks into my pregnancy, my doctors had been advising me to walk more. I had gestational diabetes so it was best to give birth early and avoid fetal macrosomia – having a newborn who’s larger than average.

I Went Into Labor in the Evening of October 29th

I first felt the contractions around afternoon on October 29 while I was working on a project for a client. I was rushing to finish the magazine articles and layout so I could submit it before giving birth. That night, though, the pain from the contractions became unmanageable.

I was sure I was in labor so I told Neil to go home early and take me to Perpetual hospital.

Labor Room at Perpetual Hospital

We went to the hospital with our emergency hospital bag, some cash, and the patient folder they asked us to present at the Labor Room upon admission. I changed into an sterile patient gown and waited for my doctor’s evaluation. They don’t admit you right away, unless you say your water broke.

They check your dilation and the strength of contractions.

I was only at 2cm, but my contractions were really painful.

I underwent a Nonstress test (NST) so they could monitor the baby’s heart rate and my contractions. The baby’s heart rate was fine and my contractions did not intensify so the doctor sent me home and asked me to come back the next day for an ultrasound.

Coming Back to the Hospital in the Morning of October 30th

When I went back to the hospital the next morning, Neil and I were early. At the Outpatient Department, you can’t come later than 10am. I was examined by an OB to see how close I was to giving birth. She said my baby was not yet ready to come out because I was still at 2cm.

I had an ultrasound after the internal examination and to my surprise, it said, “low normal amniotic fluid.” I asked another resident physician to read the result and she interpreted it for me. She decided at that moment that I should be admitted.

3 P.M. Admission at Labor Room (October 30th)

I told Neil that I needed to be admitted that same day. We were ready. We had our emergency bag and we had prepared some cash. We were both excited actually.

Except I knew what I was getting into. I was not in active labor and at 2cm, I feared that they had to induce me. I was right.

When I came to the labor room, they used an intravenous medication called Oxytocin, which helps ripen the cervix and increase dilation. I was at 6cm around 3AM when a resident doctor broke my water artificially to speed up labor.

But my baby didn’t drop even at 8cm at around 11AM on October 31. I was in so much pain. I was delirious.

The Doctor Deemed C-Section Necessary

While I wanted to have a natural birth, relief from pain was all I thought about the whole time I was in labor. The contractions hurt like nothing else. Mine hurt 10 times more than dysmenorrhea. I wanted to ask for epidural but it wasn’t part of the package. I was begging for C-Section, but the doctors thought I was close and I could still push for natural birth. Until 11am came and they still couldn’t make my baby come out.

As I mentioned earlier, I had gestational diabetes, putting me and my baby at a higher risk. The doctors deemed it necessary to do a Cesarean delivery. I was attended to by a team of anesthesiologists right there and then I was taken to the operating room.

Cyd Was Born at 12:29 PM on October 31

Cyd came out of my belly at 12:29 PM. He was born 7 pounds and 3 ounces. He was 51cm tall. I was able to see him before I fell asleep from the medication. He was beautiful and he recognized my voice. They let me kiss my baby before they took him to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for testing.

I didn’t regret what happened. The bill was higher than we expected but we were just happy that we survived the most difficult part. I still think back to that day and I feel grateful for being alive and for giving life to a wonderful child.

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  1. […] Also Read: My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected […]

  2. […] Also Read: My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected […]

  3. […] You Might Also Want to Read: My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected […]

  4. […] My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected […]

  5. […] You Might Also Want to Read: My Birth Story Is Something I Never Expected […]

  6. Omg!! I remembered mine when I told my OB to do CS because the contractions were so brutal. But Thank God and to my OB I pushed thru Normal delivery. 12hrs labor is not easy.
    I had my mat package at Cebu Doctors.

  7. Hello Kaela, the pain we go through can’t be put in words, right?

    Thank you for reading and for affirming that this is almost every first-time mom’s experience.. 😘

  8. hi, do you have idea if they allow husband to be present in the delivery room?thank you

  9. Hi Rosemarie, I don’t know for sure. I doubt they would allow a husband inside the delivery room. But feel free to inquire by email ( or phone (032-233-8620 local 120). Take care and have a safe delivery.

  10. May I ask how much your total bill was?

  11. Hi Mommy H,
    I spent about 30k on hospital bills but including related expenses, I’d say we spent about 50K. Here’s the post where I discussed the bills:

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