Top 10 Job Websites in Dubai

Dubai Jobs

Wanna work in Dubai? Or simply wanna have a glimpse of the types of job opportunities in the UAE? Check out these hot job websites.

1. Bayt. Perhaps Bayt won’t claim what it can’t do. This jobsite’s tagline is: “The Middle East’s # 1 job site”. Bayt isn’t limited to Dubai, though, but covers job offers in the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

2. Gulf talent. I can attest that Gulf talent has strict headhunters. Two of our new-hires were recruited through this job site. Both of them were really good candidates. Expect high compensation yet fierce competition when applying through this site.

3. Nadia. Always amazed by the huge salaries offered to job-seekers, Nadia never slipped my memory. Little do job surfers know, Nadia is not just a part of daily Gulf newspapers Appointment page, but also an active job site itself. It has a downside though: most offers are for Arabic-speaking job-hunters.

4. Dubizzle. It seems to be the most popular website among Filipinos I’ve met here. Varied job offers are available here, however, compensation packages tend to be meager. There are other listings besides jobs that are available on this site, too.

5. Monster Gulf. I have an account on this site, so does my co-worker who was hired through this recruiting company. She was surprised when Monster Gulf’s headhunter called her for a job interview when her CV was posted two years ago.

6. Naukri Gulf. Remember, if employers ask for a fee during the hiring process, walk away. Scratch that, run away. It’s a fraud. Yet, it won’t hurt if you post and spread your CV around job sites.

7. Get That. The online version of Gulf Newspaper’s job section. I’ve used this site a lot while I was looking for any job to get me an employment and a residence visa. I got at least one call for an interview every day, then. The key is to ask directly about the salary so you can weed out the cheapskates.

8. Career Jet AE. Does it look familiar? I’ve frequently consulted before, I just came to know it has its AE version,too. Worth checking.

9. Khaleej Times. Save a penny by checking out Khaleej Times Appointment section online. Whether skilled, technical or professional jobs, this website has something for you.

10. Jobs in dubai. I hope it lives up to its tagline: Dubai’s largest recruitment service. Don’t be surprised to read job offers in South Africa or other MENA countries, though.

‘hope you found each site helpful, or at least insightful. Just make sure to sift through their job offers before applying.

(I don’t intend to lure you into working abroad. If you love your present job, best keep it.)

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  1. This is very good. I know it will help me with what I’m doing. I’m going to share this with my friends.

  2. I bookmark this page to refer it to friends and family…Good info..thanks

  3. you have a good list. I have my CVs on most of the websites but I found Akhtaboot the friendliest and got me a job in Dubai. therefore, can really recommend trying from!

  4. Hi, Ahmad. That looks like a promising job site. 🙂


  6. I like, it’s new but it’s picking up fast

  7. is jobsindubai genuine or fraud? becoz its want activation with a huge amount. i want to work in dubai , i am fresher software engineer, which site is better for me?

  8. Hi Sameer, I must say jobsindubai must be fake; I did a thorough research on it. DO NOT pay the amount 92 CAD. Do you know it is illegal for any recruitment service in UAE to ask for fees from the employee. I am surprised it is listed here, alongside genuine sites like Bayt; the author ought to do more research on it.

  9. Hi, Voldy. I appreciate my readers’ intelligence. Thanks for raising that point.

    Hello, Sameer. When a recruitment agency asks for a fee, I always refuse to pay and consider them a fraud.

  10. hi, Issa i just want to know through which site i can get job by staying at home , by just applying online. i mean to say , i don’t want to go UAE as a visitor for job. kindly guide me.
    waiting for your reply

  11. priyantha kumara says:

    I want to search sales executive jobs

  12. Hi this is raja i got an offer from ngi life insurance as a unit manager. I want to know is it a good company or not?

  13. Hello ate issa. Maraming salamat sa blog mo. Napakalaking tulong in terms of information. 🙂

  14. hi does any body know how is damac

  15. Hi, I’m Kevin from Thank you for the listing of job sites. Can anybody tell us where I can get genuine and reliable freelance jobs. Hope to hear a positive response soon.


  16. Thanks for sharing the list Issa. I just wanted to add another job site to your list;
    It’s a job aggregator for latest job vacancies in Dubai.

  17. Hi, Kevin. I only know two websites: and

  18. Its Simply Superb @issa

  19. Walang anuman,Jayr. 🙂 Sana nakatulong.

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  21. […] Top 10 Job Websites in Dubai | I Am Issa – Wanna work in Dubai? Or simply wanna have a glimpse of the types of job opportunities in the UAE? Check out these hot job websites. 1. Bayt. Perhaps Bayt won’t claim what it can’t do. […]

  22. Robin Abraham says:

    Thanks buddy.. that was a real help..

  23. Lal Bahadur Dwivedi says:

    Thanks alot

  24. GulfJobSeeker consultancy are cheaters. Once you visit them they ask for money to be paid before for assisting in job search. They demand to give your original certificates. Please job hunters don’t fall into trap of these type of consultancies.

  25. MEP Job Gulf portal provide the industry with a qualified talent pool, by bringing in MEP Professionals and trained personnel on one platform and combining volume with quality. Therefore, it is the perfect, trusted and an exclusive online source for all your employment needs within the MEP sector.

  26. Best job online search engine is and career jet.
    for higher position GULF NEWS is the best

  27. Latifa AbuShibs says:

    Since I’m a fresh graduated that is searching for a proper job opportunity, this post have helped me a lot.


  28. Farshitha says:

    Helpful source. I have been searching for great job list. But, I can find only the great list from your site and another one is this list –


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