On Turkish Baths

My Jordan Trip

Wearing nothing but my underwear and a hotel-owned towel, I waited inside a steam room (that was barely warm and looked like a wine cellar) ‘til an attendant told me it was my turn. I gingerly walked through the hallway and searched for a bathroom door. There wasn’t any door. Only a scrubbing area with […]

Here’s Our First Look at the Menu of Mizu (Waterfront Cebu)

Mizu Waterfront Hotel Cebu

What is Mizu? In Japanese, it literally means “water.” Why a restaurant offering delectable sushi and sashimi be named that? Well, I can only guess. Here’s my theory: Mizu is a fish-focused restaurant (the restaurant serves creatures that come from water). I tried to search for the history of the restaurant’s name via their official website […]