Celestial Space With You

Celestial bliss is what I feel, Everytime we’re together in that third space, We chuckle like crazy at frivolous things, We plotted getaways no super spy can unveil.   If this romance is insane, it’s also fortuitous.. That we found each other in that ethereal space, where “I’m your best friend and you’re my second […]


If I were a word, I don’t wanna have a synonym, Substitutable by any words that seem to look the same, Delenda, growlery, haecceity, surely are irreplaceable, I want to be just like them, words rarely fungible. Love tricks us to believe it’s sticky, constant and for long, But like friendships, they either go on […]

The Science & Math of Friendship

Life is meaningless without friends. Social beings like us cannot survive without human interactions. How did you make friends? Have you given it a thought? If you’re the gregarious type, you might just give me a puzzled look, or say, “How? Friendship just happens.“ Nonetheless, for eggheads such as Sheldon Cooper (BBT) and Charlie Eppes […]

Friend Cameo (Friend Kami Oh!)

We’re celebrating his promotion from Grade 6 to 7! Yipee! I didn’t go to work today. Blame the sharp, throbbing pain in my head (not from hangover) but from¬†Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (USSR). Somehow, it was Edgar Sawtelle’s fault. hehehe.. My ex-student, Kenneth, taught his mom how to use Friend Cameo at Facebook. When Ate […]