Celestial Space With You

Celestial bliss is what I feel,

Everytime we’re together in that third space,

We chuckle like crazy at frivolous things,

We plotted getaways no super spy can unveil.


If this romance is insane, it’s also fortuitous..

That we found each other in that ethereal space,

where “I’m your best friend and you’re my second self,”

This is so far, life’s greatest miracle.


I told them, you’d spot me from the moon,

You’d see my straight hair, my dark brown eyes,

You’d hear me breathe under my blankets,

You’d beam at the sound of my voice.


You were a grenade when you figured,

“Yeah, I’m in love with this gal and always will.

I’d go anywhere just to be with her,” you added.

And more hasty vows soldiers are never to make.


I guess I took an oath to love you till you’re blind,

Pledges of love seemed a necessary part of couplehood,

I don’t recall the rest of my promises,

But I  knew I’d always want your company.


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