The Best House Episode?!

I’d say I’m torn among three: M.D. tandem Season 3: Episode 4 -Lines in the Sand Season 4: Episode 11- Frozen Season 5: Episode 4 – Birthmarks These episodes seethed with life because of scathingly honest -occasionally ridiculous- conversations of characters, the crispiest lines mainly from Greg House. You’ll feel like you totally know how each of them […]

A Dose of “House”

Watching ‘House’ annihilates the before-bedtime drama I used to habitually conceive. It’s neither a calming capsule nor a sleeping pill. (Perhaps an ecstasy? But, not.) Though symptoms like turned-up hair ends, and highly activated senses (except for taste and smell) appear, House is never a drug to fear, none the less a fatal virus, just […]