I’d say I’m torn among three:

M.D. tandem

Season 3: Episode 4 -Lines in the Sand Season 4: Episode 11- Frozen Season 5: Episode 4 – Birthmarks

These episodes seethed with life because of scathingly honest -occasionally ridiculous- conversations of characters, the crispiest lines mainly from Greg House. You’ll feel like you totally know how each of them would act and talk -and yet still won’t guess just right.

I thought that “Lines in the Sand” was the best episode of House when I first saw it. I just loved how House dealt with the child patient, how he suspended his judgment and deepened his search for the cure to the kid’s mystifying screams. “Most dramatic” moment goes to the scene where the special child handed his PSP(not sure if it was a PSP) to House. Wilson gave House a 10 for the medical treatment, yet humorously rumored that House has an untreated Asperger’s Syndrome.

Then came “Frozen” introducing a psychiatrist who collapsed while conducting a research in Antartica. Diagnosis and treatment had to be done virtually. I just love how HOUSE respected the woman, Cate, I bet the first patient he called by the first name without hesitation (and dementia). My favorite line? “Indiscriminate niceness is overrated,” Cate said as she sized up Wilson. Isn’t it irresistible to know how House is engrossed with a woman miles away from him?

Lastly, “Birthmarks” made my ears ten times sharper so as not to miss a bit of House and Wilson’s discourse. At the beginning of Season 5, I nearly believed Wilson could walk away from House – and that it was time to teach him a lesson. But what kind of moral? To be nicer? Or at least less nastier? I would have stopped watching if House had changed just to keep Wilson’s friendship – or if he would be doubtful of his worth just because Wilson decided to leave him and denied that their friendship ever existed. The ‘getting-back-together’ trip was a whole lot of thrill- the tastiest of House, so far. I’m now puzzled whom I liked more between House and Wilson ’cause I wouldn’t probably appreciate one without the other. I so love their tandem.

How about you? Have you missed any of these three episodes?

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By Issa

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