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Pity Killua. He only follows Gon. Since Gon has a strong desire to find his father. It actually marked his adventures chronicled at Hunter X Hunter. Not only kids are lost at choosing. Not only kids are  propelled by dreams, either.

One is supporting another. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I found Killua envious, if not jealous, of Gon. Is he a weaker character? Or is he not a character at all for dreaming nothing for himself?

This is not a new idea. To dream is to be human. It follows, not to dream is not to be human. Extreme. Yet, what? Is it too late to rediscover a passion? Is it not worth asking, “Am I doing what I really wanted”? Or to ponder am I getting at where I intend to go? Or was there even an intent to go somewhere?

I understand why Tatlong-hari kept saying, “Think, even if it hurts.” So the more tears, sweat and blood, perhaps, the closer you are to finding what you’re searching for. It takes courage to reject old paradigms we endeared. There are certain comfort zones worth giving up, esp. for the purpose of expansion.

Back to my original point, to be a character. What sort of? Interesting, of course. Why strive for this? Only characters do and achieve something worthwhile (and there are more answers I’d rather not tell). How? Dream and do.

Too simplified I suppose.. of course, it’s barely an outline. Nothing’s queer about this query on becoming a character. Everyone is an actor on the stage we call life. Play well.

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  1. “Is it too late to rediscover a passion?”

    – so many times, i feel like such a late bloomer. it’s never too late to rediscover a passion though. but, sometimes, i can’t help it but feel helpless

    – anyway, have to shake off self-pity and regret!


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