Easing Into Meditation As A New Mom

Easing Into Meditation As A New Mom

Even if you love to reflect, which I hope you don’t mistake for rumination, starting a meditation practice can still be a struggle. If you are a new mother like me, then that makes it harder. Did you say you are a working mom, too? Now it seems impossible to begin meditating.

But please, do yourself a favor and commit to meditating even just for 10 minutes a day. Turn your me-time into a mindfulness practice session. It’s as easy as turning idle time (aimlessly scrolling Facebook or Instagram) into a mindfulness exercise. It’s a choice you can make starting now.

Mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, according to studies. Mothers, whether full-time, working, or stay-at-home and working, are drowning in stress. That’s according to a US study. In the Philippines, I bet the same is true.

Day after day, you give so much of yourself to your child, your job, and your partner. It’s time to give yourself a much-needed mental health break. This is your soul’s source of true power.

Whether you want to cultivate a grateful heart, improve your focus, or simply start the day right, there is a meditation practice for that.

Here are some awesome beginner-friendly meditation practices for mothers that you can listen to now for FREE. Each guided meditation below is about 15 minutes or shorter.

  1. Smile Through The Storms by Christine Rapsys
  2. Morning Meditation for Mothers by Fleur Chambers
  3. Relax And Recharge For Busy Mums by Emily Rose Yates
  4. Mindful Self-Kindness For New Mothers by Amy McMillan
  5. Surrender by Bettina Rae

A mindful momma is what a chaotic world needs right now. Shower your self the love and care that your soul craves so that you can radiate the same for everyone who relies on you.

Have a wonderful day, dear mommas.


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  1. I badly need this. 😢

  2. Hi Jocel,
    Hope it helps. Be well. Virtual hugs.

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