How to Make Women Smile

A woman’s smile is always a delight to see. I feel like it’s my daily mission to brighten someone’s day.

Walking on Sunshine 3

Women, lacking enough supply of serotonin (i.e. happy hormones), should be constantly cheered. This wonderful task is not exclusive for male entertainers but for females alike.

Today, I’m glad I was able to pull smiles, even chuckles, from two of my female workmates. One is Ms. S and another is Ms. N. To give you a picture of them, Ms. S is a doctor, yet  she works as a data manager. Ms. N is a dietitian (cool major, right?) turned Sales manager for Oncology. Both are gorgeous, I can attest. But like everyone else, they, too, have bad days.

So how did I make these lovely ladies look even lovelier?
Ms. S: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Good day, Sunshine. Good day, sunshine. Good day, sunshine. (My rendition of The Beatles’ Good Day Sunshine opening lines.)
Ms. S:(Smiles, then chuckles.) I like it when you do that.

Almost lunch time, Ms. N was fasting so she was a bit irritable but not irate. Carrying her luggage, she stopped by my desk and started asking:

Ms. N: What’s the date today?
Me: August 4th. Obama’s birthday.
Ms. N: What? Why would you remember that? Hahaha.. That’s the funniest thing I heard today.
Me: (Silently smiled back.)

Easy-peasy?! How  did you make women smile today? Don’t miss the chance to see more female faces beam each day. It could be your sister, your mom, your neighbor or the lady next to you. Every woman deserves a gift of cheer.

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  1. i so love your smile, issa! thanks for making me smile too! haha!

  2. TL Kate, I love your smile, too! Stay cheerful for your team! 🙂

  3. Dear Issa,

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  4. […] Bring something to sit on and soak up the view. Every now and then, you’ll spot a boat leaving and its passengers would be waving at you. Wave back. They couldn’t see your face but they will notice your white teeth from afar. Smiling will make you feel good. […]

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