Five Dream Jobs

Dream jobs, we all have them, haven’t we? If jobs were simply ticked from a menu list, I’d pick these five in a heartbeat.

5. Coffee Taster

Coffee Taster

Neil wants to have a coffee farm. I want to taste the beans his farm will produce. It’s a new-found curiosity I’m not sure I can shake off anytime soon.

4. Tour Guide


Tops Lookout CebuMore than anything, anyone would want a job that is not sedentary. I believe guiding educational tours exercises both mind and body. I also find security in history, you can’t go so wrong in telling about it. Many research works have been published about things that already happened, one just has to judge wisely which sources can be trusted, and which are to be ignored.

3. Documentary Host

Documentary Host_Carissa BongalosaI love the idea of being a celebrity for a cause; rising to fame through a worthy advocacy. One only needs to equally possess wisdom and eloquence and she’s good to go! “Sapientia et eloquentia” is the ever-effective motto to succeed in documentary hosting. What great treat it’d be to get a free travel ticket, learn loads of things about the planet, and earn more than normal wage.

2. Minstrel

First I’d get a new name: Myrthle. I’m the wandering type of minstrel, not like those retained in palaces to keep the royalty happy. My guitar and me, singing true stories, histories, or crafted tales. Can you picture gypsies? Not the looting ones! Just people with untold past and unperturbed by the future. Town after town, city after city, I’ll move around the Schengen zone, blindly hoping EU would let me cross borders without distress, yet always preparing for the worst-case scenario i.e. getting a warrant of arrest.

1. Mom

Issa and Kyle

Tell me about your ideal jobs – I mean your fantastic dreams!

14 responses

  1. Wow nice list Issa. If I were to choose a dream job I would like to be an astronomer and animator. hehe

  2. Hi, Chacha! You’re a scientist and an artist?hehehe..

    You’ve got a lot of years to work on those dreams. 🙂

  3. “wisdom and eloquence”

    u might be the museum guide of a class I would be leading on a field trip someday

    i might just see u one day on TV hosting a documentary…with so much grace and fame

    i might just see u on TV or newspaper article getting arrested because of illegal immigration due to being a minstrel….:P


    i just thought of these right now…can’t say it’s final..hehe…(not in order)
    * photographer
    * furniture maker
    * author
    * reputable classroom teacher

  4. Wow! if u were to ask me, i would lyk to be a band vocalist, pediatrician or a pre-school teacher. 🙂

  5. @Kate. Yahoo!! Active na ulit! hehehe.. Join Hmm.. Why not a photographer – author- teacher who designs her own furniture!

    @Liz. Band vocalist? Waah.. that’s a revelation! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  6. Mine: Fisherman, Farmer and Construction Worker!

  7. @Neil.hahaha.. Great picks!

  8. Why not all 3? You could be a documentary host, but work as a Museum guide to finance your documentaries – only 9-5, Mon-Fri though – that way you could still be a minstrel in the evenings and on weekends 🙂

    Best place for that? New York – that way you can work as a guide at the Met or the Museum of Natural History and then toss your uniform and grab your guitar and you are already in Central Park, ready to switch to dream job #1 🙂

  9. Hi, Elisa! Glad to see you here. 🙂 That’s a witty suggestion.haha.. Yet I may need to give up the dream Schengen tour.. 🙁

  10. I like the second one most- though I would have been behind the camera to bring the best (ideas) off to audience- 😉

    And taking tour is way good- silent music is my best skill- LOL

  11. Ellie Avatar

    Congratulations on attaining the top one in your list Issa! <3

    My top 3: Environmentalist, Photographer and Mom 🙂

  12. Thanks, Ellie! I’m on my way to fulfilling top 1 on my list. As for the rest of my dreams, they’ll have to wait. 🙂

    You’re a wonderful mom and you’d make a great environmentalist and photographer. 🙂

  13. Issa, In the present, you have left out the flying job !

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