Reversing Your BPI Credit Card Annual Membership Fee to Maximize Rewards

Reversing Your BPI Credit Card Annual Membership Fee to Maximize Rewards

You may have recently been charged an annual membership fee as a BPI Blue credit card holder, which is stipulated in the terms and conditions you agreed to when you applied for your credit card.

Many cardholders choose a low credit limit (I did too) to avoid unnecessary, impulsive spending. But as a smart card user, you’ve made good use of your card by using it for everyday things like buying groceries, booking flights, and making hotel reservations. This has helped you earn a lot of rewards points that you can use to pay for your annual membership fee.

If you would like your annual fee refunded, all you have to do is call BPI’s customer care line at (02) 889-1000. After verifying your account information, the agent will let you know that the charge will be refunded to you within 6 banking days. 

To reverse your yearly charge, simply call BPI’s customer service line at (02) 889-1000. A representative will check your account information and confirm that the fee will be reimbursed within 6 banking days. The membership fees and reward points balance can be found on your monthly bank statement. 

After a week of waiting, you can check your account via mobile login and you will find that the fees have been refunded to your account. If not, you can call the same number. Just be sure you have time to stay on the line as it is often busy.

If you use your BPI credit card wisely and make the most of your rewards points, you can save money and get more out of your card.


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