Scammer Alert!

Five missed calls from five of my relatives. Oh, I didn’t want to hear them grumble so I didn’t call back. My, when I got home, I came to know they were “emergency calls”.

This guy calls himself “George Smith”. He is close to his fifties, widower, with a ten-year old son. To further feed any woman’s fantasies- he’s an engineer, rich and looking for a serious lifetime partner. He fervently calls my aunt. He showers her with flattery at chat sessions..she hardly leaves her seat. Then came the climax. Deception was clear when this rich American asked my aunt to send 700$ before 12nn today (Dec. 20).

It seems laughable when it doesn’t happen to someone close to you. I never thought this silly, simple sham would appeal to my clever aunt. (But who’s really safe when it comes to heart matters?) If not for my relatives who strongly criticized my aunt, this fraud George would have conned her out of all her savings for the Christmas break.

I’m sure she feels sad upon coming to her senses. I feel a bit of guilt for not responding to the calls, but what’s done is done. If anyone ever asked you for money, it is a scam. Why doesn’t that sink to someone so trustful?  If we can’t be wise enough alone, let us always have allies who would tap our shoulders (or slap our faces-depends on the closeness level), when we are obviously, absolutely, being foolish.

P.S. Don’t believe all pictures you see.

P.P.S. Ask for live-chat.

P.P.P.S. Ask for money first. Haha.. Offense is the best defense.

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  1. wah!that stupid freak is an asshole!!!!waah!!!!

  2. aww..teng, relax.. ang puso mo..hehehe..

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