I’ve got 28 minutes to prove how special Neil is to me. This is going to be snappy because we don’t have much time before Neil turns 28. Not that he’s going to turn into a monster at this age.

That’s not a valid premonition.

Bear with the run-on sentences, invalid clauses and other grammatical flaws. Grammar cops, silence please.

1. When he pretends to like coffee though Americano truly tastes like bile.

2.  I love his crooked smile resembling Gus of The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

3.  I adore this guy’s love of paradox – he lulled me to sleep with his Schrodinger’s Cat explanation. Peace.

4.  I’m amazed by his awesome body – no calorie-rich dish can fatten.

5.  Neil never tells me, “you cannot eat ice-cream.” It’s a passion we share.

6. The universe wants to be noticed and is improbably biased toward consciousness. It rewards intelligence in part because the universe enjoys its elegance being observed. Neil notices what I usually don’t. That’s scary at times,  but that also means he could supplement what my perception lacks.

7.  Neil says ‘I love you,Issa’ before bedtime. I could hear him from any distance.

8.  I love that Neil’s father washes the dishes for his wife. I had a great premonition of less kitchen fights.

9. Speaking of Kitchen, Neil’s cooking is heaven.

9. My name on Neil’s lips is a euphonious chime, anytime.

10. I admire how he could pack lightly on a week worth of tour.

11. He seems to have drunk from the eternal fountain of youth.

12. His humility is timeless; his simplicity, priceless.

13. I am just very fond of Neil.

14. by two.

This sluggish internet connection prohibits even a single picture to be posted so pardon if I couldn’t post any.

Have a merry birthday, Neil. You’re obliged to like this present. Haha. I love you.

By Issa

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