Three days before I get fully sentimental. I’m letting out 29 questions that I’m still asking myself.

1. If not now, when?

2. Is “worth living for” the same as “worth dying for”?

3. What truly excites me?

4. Will I be able to reconcile what makes me happy and what makes me at peace?


5. Why do I care how people would remember me?

6. How can I understand people better?

7. What can persuade people?

8. Who should I try to reach out to?

9. Who can I serve best?

10. When will I see the world?


11. Is having a child really necessary?

12. What celestial activities will I be busy with after my stay on earth is over?

13. Is there a way of knowing what is to come?

14. Do people’s opinions matter more than my happiness?

15. Is happiness a destination or an imagination?


16. What does the world want from me? I know what I want from it – if only it permits me to get all of it. Seems like it despises greed.

17. What’s worth pursuing?

18. What’s worth leaving behind?

19. What needs to be doubted from time to time?

20. What’s worth celebrating?

21. What’s worth thinking about?

22. When will I get a room like this?

Dream Room

23. Why is earth so beautiful?

24. Why so few are allowed to see the earth from space?

25. If I’m going to leave a book behind, what is it about?


26. When will some children stop sleeping at street corners?

27. What actions are involved in spirituality?

28. Why can’t I remember all the questions I’ve been asking myself?

29. Why can I ask only 29 questions?

I’m keeping my promise. Only 29 questions. Did any of these cross your mind? Opps..sorry, that’s the 30th.


By Issa

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