Beating the Blues

A Gift Straight from Las Vegas

A chilling wind greeted me as I was heading to work this morning. I woke up with  bloodshot right eye. Coldness enveloped my already freezing heart. Call it mood. Or blues. Point is..I want these shaken off.

The toughest part of the year is about to come: the ending. As my favorite quote reminds me: Better is the end of a thing than its beginning. It is guaranteed. It is inevitably happening.. Did I perform below my potentials? Did I fail to improve the way I desired? No one has the power to disappoint me more than myself.

There are some things to be grateful for. A few surprises. Some presents to be cherished. Some people to be valued more. I still want to go home. But at times, I can’t help thinking what is meant by home. And why do I desire to be there? Home is where your mind/soul is nourished. Where you feel love and belongingness. Can a home be customized? Is it geographical? Does it already exist somewhere and all I have to do is to search hard for it? 

I wore a pink lipstick today to lift my spirits. I picked a colorful top to match it. Well, the quick-fix worked wonders. Not long-lasting, though. You? What’s on your mind today? I hope it’s not me. Don’t think of others too much. No one excessively contemplates about you.

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  1. Beating the blues can be dicey. But as I say, “I would let it rain as long as rain lasts…”. Embrace your feelings, even when they are down. That’s why they made the “blues” music. So you could revel in your melancholy. I know it sounds masochistic, but only when you can be happy, even as you’re sad, can you be complete. If you’re happy with you and your God, then you can be happy with the blues.

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