Connie and Walter

Connie captures in a few words what normal people say in strings of plenty syllables, exactly opposite of what Walter habitually does.

Sometimes, he forgets simple names of tools for fixing:

“Could you please pass me the tool for driving screws?” requested Walter.

“Say “screwdriver”, dear,” replied Connie.

At other times, his mom’s lessons on delectable dishes escape his memory.

“Connie, I’m trying to make a classic Italian pasta dish with alternate layers of pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce. Would you help me out?” asked Walter.

“You mean lasagna?” Connie confirmed.

There are instances where Walter’s misnomery gets this miserable.

“We need a pliable plastic with protruding air-filled bubbles to cushion these breakable items as we pack them. Would you know where we could buy them?”

“Name them first. Bubble wrap, right?” Connie aided.

Note: Misnomery is an invented word.

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