Crushed No More

Sing gleeful nonsense melodies,

Intuitive rhymes and symphonies,

Beguile boredom, go seize the blues,

Shut ears of doom, turn them on tunes.

Appalled are you of toilsome tasks?

Beset by all the boss’ commands?

Is work fraught with haste and hassles?

Hum off the hustle and bustle!

Could there be worse than crushed spirits?

Of dried up bones, oh, downcast souls?

You know what caused moods to plummet?

Who steals joy? How good cheer is lost?

Might have missed the music, fellow,

Strike strong the strings, now sing along!

Trace chords, hit notes,both high and low!

Drown follies and sorrows with a song!

Aching still? More songs are a must.

Lift your voice, mend your troubled heart,

Hurting again? I tell you- chill!

Wise are you, be merry by will!

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  1. […] it is not heartless to worry not. We shouldn’t nurse our troubles as we do to babies. Troubles grow larger by nursing (Lady Holland). Then, what new habit can we […]

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