Basking at Mamzar Beach

Much to my delight, the week ended with a restored peace of mind. Losing sleep over matters not even brought up first to the concerned person is just a wrecker of beauty, energy and time. Saturday was teemed with social activities, so I was locked in bed ‘til 8 of Sunday morn.

I should work today while most Dubai employees enjoy the bounty of a 3-day break. I’m not bitter for I was able to bask at Mamzar beach and relish the savory blueberry cheesecake at Golden fork yesterday.

To my chagrin, the hustle and bustle on Eid made transport difficult, even painful. Thanks to a man, a face I can’t recall, yet kindness I’ll always remember, for helping me squeezed myself inside a crammed C28 bus. Struggling against stinky, sand-smeared, and rowdy passengers left me aghast and drained. I sank at my seat and tried to snooze.

Upon unloading C28, we waited again for another bus to complete the journey back home. Yet, even the cabs refused to let us ride. When bad luck comes, it pours. We had to walk. My aunts seemed to notice how my mood soured, so I made an effort to mask it. To refrain from frowning, I sang “True Colors” repeatedly all the way home. Instant mood-lifter!

Dinner was graced by my aunt’s guests, though they were terribly late. It was a night of interesting conversations and cultural exchange. At 2am, I excused myself so I could rest for the next day’s work. Great that they don’t accept 18 year olds inside bars and late-night cafés, they dropped me home peacefully.

Did I say they thought I was only 18?

By Issa

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