Fight Fair Fate

Yeah, I rebel against you, fate as you were called,

destiny as you were hailed,

mighty as you  see yourself,

haughty of lives you gleefully toss and turn…

toss and turn..

Yesterday, I thanked you, now, I curse you,

Once for bringing me close to him,

now for drawing us apart,

As if we’ll ever lose heart.

You, playful thud,

happy robbing us of joy?

pleased with your awesome power?

When you take your toll, you gain full control,

Are we just to stand in awe?

Or lament as you crush our well-built castle?

How double-minded you are, you unite and then you shatter?

You’re excellent at slaughter, sending millions to the grave,

ill, forgotten, and forbidden to join the living’s affairs,

Denied of hope for change.

To ask you for a fist fight is to treat you light,

That’s not the way to defeat you right,

I tell you to summon all your strength,

Brace yourself to a merciless battle.

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