If you think you can’t tolerate this much heat, never stay in the UAE in July to August. It’s true that the heat could kill you.

It just did kill four in Abu Dhabi two days ago.

At 49.9 degrees, the highest temp. recorded in the western region of the UAE’s capital city, four desert wanderers died of heat exhaustion. Why they got lost and why did they wander? That, I didn’t know of.

Are you wonderin’ how I’ve been dealing with this deadening heat?

Simple. I leave home early, and get off from work late. I take the bus to work now, it cuts the 25-minute walk to a swift 5-minute ride, minus the smelly sweat to manage a presentable look as soon as I arrive at the office.

Once you’re sheltered in chilled offices, and apartments, you’ll be just fine. Just pray no power outage ever occur or you’re just about to experience hell under your own roof.


By Issa

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