Perpetual hospita cebu maternity package

Planning to give birth at Perpetual Succour Hospital (Cebu) and looking for budget-friendly options? Their Maternity Service Package (MSP) might be a good fit! It offers significant discounts on fees for lab tests, ultrasounds, accommodation, and delivery.

As promised, I’m sharing an updated maternity service package of Perpetual Succour Hospital here in Cebu. Know that it’s not fully free, nor it is a charity program for moms-to-be. However, you will get significant discounts on fees for lab tests, ultrasounds, accommodation (only a ward is available), and labor/delivery rooms.

Who’s eligible for PSH’s maternity service program?

All pregnant women up to 32 weeks and 6 days age of gestation (AOG) can join PSH’s Maternity Service Package (MSP) program at the Out-Patient Department (OPD). If you’re 33 weeks of AOG and beyond, you can submit a written referral and consent from your private OB or health centers for transfer of prenatal care.

The PSH Outpatient Department is open from Monday to Friday (except on Holidays) from 8am to 2pm, Tuesday from 8am to 12 am; Saturdays, from 8am to 12am. The cut-off time is 10am. For more information, you can call PSH OPD at 032-233-8620 loc 120.

What are the requirements for enrollment to PSH Maternity Service Package?

  • P1,500 as enrolment fee to the Maternity Service Package and an initial downpayment (the remaining balance will be paid in installments, at least P750 per visit, until fully paid). The total Normal delivery fee under their maternity package is P8,000; the Caesarian Delivery Fee is P20,000.
  • Attendance at the Maternity Service Package (MSP) orientation, scheduled at 9AM from Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays & holidays), in the conference room of the the PSH Outpatient Department.
  • Signed agreement form (documents are to be provided by the OPD nurses)
  • Laboratory tests such as CBC, blood typing, urinalysis, HBsAg (Qualitative), HIV Testing, HBA1c, pap smear, pelvic ultrasound, and more, as requested by your Resident Physician.
  • Note that all these test results must be submitted to the resident OB for reading within 7 days from the date of orientation and enrolment. Otherwise, your initial enrolment payment of P1500 to the program will be forfeited.
  • Submission of certificate of blood donated issued by the PSH blood bank. They require 500cc of blood for normal delivery and 2 units of 500cc blood for Caesarian delivery. Deadline of blood donor certificate submission is on or before the fifth prenatal visit or within 24 hours of admission.
  • Attendance to Mother’s Class, held every 1st Saturday of the month at San Pedro Calungsod hall.

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What are the privileges of being enrolled in the Maternity Service Package?

  • 30% discount on lab tests and ultrasounds done at PSH
  • Discounted hospital fees for normal delivery (P8,000) covering all prenatal and post partum visits, labor room fee (24H), delivery room fee, 1 day ward accommodation for the mom, and 1 day nursery accommodation for the baby.
  • Discounted fees for Caesarian delivery (P20,000), including all prenatal and postpartum visits, labor room fee (24H), delivery room fee, recovery room fee, 3 days ward accommodation for the mom, and and 3 days nursery accommodation for the baby.

Can you use your private health insurance or HMOs?

No. Health insurance/HMOs cannot be used if you are enrolled in the maternity service package of PSH. However, Philhealth coverage can be used by enrollees in the program.

What to expect during labor & delivery under their Maternity Service Package Program?

Since you don’t have a private OB, you will be under the care of the Resident Physician and medical students on duty at the time of your labor and delivery. Your relatives and other non-medical staff are not allowed to enter the labor and delivery room in order to maintain the sterility of the area. Only one watcher is allowed after the delivery at the Recovery room.

I hope this helps you prepare for your most anticipated day – the arrival of your bundle of joy.

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Disclaimer: This information is based on 2019 data. Please contact Perpetual Succour Hospital for the latest details and pricing.

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By Issa

52 thoughts on “Save on Delivery Costs: Perpetual Succour (Cebu) Maternity Package (2019)”
  1. I went yesterday there to inquire, the receptionist told me to go to opd to ask for a slot. The doctor in charge gave me a list of requirements and schedule of seminar. I want to ask if its okay if I dont show up to the scheuled seminar and go back again after the end of this month to ask for a reschedule of the orientation? Should I give them a call? I am still saving up to pay for my deposit and requirements to avail the package. But I will be 24 weeks by then. I’m really confused.

  2. Hi Melody,
    By seminar, you probably mean Maternity Service Package (MSP) orientation, (which is scheduled at 9AM from Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays & holidays). If so, you can just attend another time.

    They still accept women who are 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

    You can also call them at 032-233-8620, then ask the operator to transfer the call to OPD. Cheers.

  3. Hi Jess,
    Yes, but you’ll likely pay more because this does not include everything.

    Just to share my experience.. I was supposed to have a normal delivery but there were complications so I delivered by CS. My total bill was 35k but I spent an extra P20k on other things like medicines, NICU, and other expenses not inclusive in the package. So, it’s wise to prepare more money for your delivery.

  4. Hi Grace, the last couple of months, I was able to pay via credit card, so as far as I know, yes you can pay with credit card. They just asked for a valid ID.

    Of course, it’s best to check with them directly by dialing (032) 233 8620 and ask to be transferred to Laboratory (open 24 hours).

  5. Hi Issa. Are you on maternity package when your delivered as CS? How are you handled by the resident doctors during the delivery?

    We are planning to get a maternity package and the chances of getting CS is pretty high.

  6. Hi. How do we choose if normal delivery or ceasarian section? I mean, what if I pay 8K for normal but on the day of delivery is CS, should I pay the excess? Or what if I pay 20K for CS (just in case) but only undergo normal delivery, should I get the excess?

    Please enlighten us. Thank you.

  7. My bil at PHS for cesarean was 150k. This article is nonsense. If your skin is white, these religious bastards will use you and your hard earned wallet to further their hopeless journey towards become just another pack of scamming assholes who think their shit doesnt stink coz they believe in a superior magical being who will forigve them for bring such pigs.

  8. Hi Kams, yes, I availed their maternity package. The resident doctors were professional and efficient. The process at the OPD was also good – they have a system in place so you only need to follow their instructions.

  9. Hi Hope, about your first question, they automatically update your package to CS (20k) even if you only paid for Normal delivery (8k). It happened to me, which is why I paid less for my Unplanned CS delivery.

    They will determine if you’re high-risk and if you need a CS delivery so I am not sure how to answer the second question. Kindly inquire at OPD directly. Thank you.

  10. Hi! What if mo transfer ko og hospital then already undergone one of those test mentioned, magpa lab gihapon ko? Also, naka attend na kog orientation, need pa ba ko mo attend since mo avail kos inyung package? Im confused.

  11. Charmaine,
    If you plan to transfer to another hospital your lab tests might be honored their. Just inquire from the OB or reception area in the hospital that you will be transferring.

  12. Bhing,
    The GSIS Umid card is very useful in PSH during lab tests (i ain’t sure if i availed 30% or 40% discount ) during delivery, if you have Philhealth, they gona honor it..

  13. I would like to ask if how much is their maternity package? How much should I pay for downpayment? Because, I am planning inquire and apply for their maternity package. Thank you for any positive response.

  14. Hi Isa Mae,
    As stated above, the total Normal delivery fee under their maternity package is P8,000; Caesarian Delivery Fee is P20,000. Plus P1,500 as enrollment fee to the package.

  15. hi ,i would like to ask if ever your first blood donor would failed on the there any chance that the patient might get the charges like 3,500 peso ,is that true

  16. Hi, just want to ask how much did you spend for NICU and how may days your baby stayed there. I am trying to get the price difference between CHH and PSH. I am At high risk and preparing for anything possible to happen. I am still undecided which hospital package to choose. Thanks!

  17. Hello Lennette, I spent a total of P4,622 for NICU, that’s with a discount of P3k plus, and without Philhealth yet. I’m yet to refund around P2k.

    My baby was luckily healthy so he only stayed at NICU for one day.

  18. I see. The figures could be different on those infants with complications. Thank you so much for the info!

  19. What documents do foreign parents need to enroll in the maternatiy package and what documents are needed for the birth certificate to be filed? Does this hospital do this for us?

  20. Hello! I hope you can help me with my questions. I am going to give birth this March but I still don’t have any hospital in mind because I was suppose to give birth in dumaguete but due to some personal issues I needed to go back home, here in San Fernando Cebu. I cannot avail any packages anymore 😔 I was wondering if how much I will spend if I give birth in perpetual succour as a private patient (since I cannot avail the package)? Thank you.

  21. Hello Justin,
    I apologize but I am not sure if this is offered to foreigners. Kindly call OPD at 032-233-8620 loc 120. As for birth certificate processing, the hospital helps but you will eventually need to file it at the Civil Registry Office. Given that you’re a foreigner, the procedure might be different from my experience. I highly recommend that you give them a call.

  22. Hi Nana,
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re in that situation. Are you high-risk or not? If you’re not, try to inquire at CUPSI. I heard the facilities are good and the fee is reasonable.
    If you’re high-risk, it’s best to check with an OB. The package deal entitled me of 13k savings on hospital charges but I wasn’t sure how much I saved in doctor’s professional fees. Philhealth members get 19k coverage (for CS).
    If you really want to give birth at Perpetual, please give them a call or go to the new Building to ask about the hospital’s private OB’s Professional Fees.

  23. Hi Ren, sorry I overlooked your comment. As far as I know, you need to cover the screening cost the second time around.

    My donor did not fail so I have no idea how much the screening would cost for a 2nd attempt. Please call Perpetual Hospital at 032-233-8620 and ask for the Blood Bank number to inquire about screening charges.

  24. Hi! For example I get to pay Normal delivery for 8k then, suddenly had complications but still through Normal Delivery. Would my package be voided?

    I am on Private OB, but something came up and I had to make adjustments specially on the finances. I am now at 29weeks. Also can I transfer to Private room and add payment nlang.?

  25. Hi Rae,
    The document I signed did not mention potential complication as a valid reason for voiding your Package deal discount. What I know is that you will pay for the excess. As for the private room upgrade, you will have to ask them now because I have no idea. 🙁 I wanted to transfer to a private room, too, but after seeing their ward, I was satisfied by how spacious and clean it looked.

    Hope you’re able to raise these concerns on your visit at the OPD.

  26. Hi, if you in are normal delivery how much would i excess to pay since during the orientation it was mention that 8K package is not included in all expenses?

  27. Unsay number nga pwedi namo ma contack f naa me ask same …schedule manjd nako ds april 18 pre natal diha sa perpetual unya lockdown pman….

  28. Hi Nina,
    I got a text from 09451073540 regarding the new schedule for my son’s immunization. I think that’s the mobile number used by OPD at Perpetual.

  29. Hi, would you know if they accept new maternity cases this time? And would they allow someone who is not married given this is a catholic hospital?

  30. Hi, question lng if did you get the original copies sa ultrasound attached sa kato Service Package na ato folder? I failed to asked the nurse when I gave birth if pwede to makuha. Sayang ultrasound pics. Bisag kato nlng unta 😫

  31. Hi Beatriz,

    I’m sorry to hear that. Same tayo.. I didn’t know that they take the folder and don’t return it. Try asking them through or text 09451073540. I didn’t really follow up na kasi may pics ako nung mga ultrasound..

    Hope you sort it out. 🙂

  32. Hi. Just want to ask if nag increase po kaya ang maternity packaged po during this pandemic?

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  34. hi can i ask if hm na ang package nila for 2021 is it still the same? hoping to receive a reply, thanks

  35. Hi,

    Where did the additional 30k po? Mahal po ba yung mga medicines pag CS po? Mas malaki pa kasi xa sa remaining bill hehe

  36. Hi @Theres, sorry for the late reply. Have you tried sending them a message? Hope you got an answer.

    Hello @Ruby, yes, mostly meds. I also stayed longer sa ward. Tbh, I didn’t examine the details of my receipt. I have to get back to it. Pero to give you an idea, a scheduled private CS is normally higher than 100k, as you will later find out when you check at other hospitals. You can get more quotes from them – but they’ll never be exact as treatment/care varies according to your condition after giving birth. Wish you a safe delivery.

  37. hello miss issa.. may i ask if they will accept package if there are some heart conditions. i am 3 months pregnant now and i have history of heart conditions.. do you have some idea andd how much.. thank you and God bless

  38. Is there an online form for the mother’s class if not avail to attend on their schedule?

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