Perpetual Succour Hospital (Cebu) Maternity Package 2019

Perpetual hospita cebu maternity package

As promised, I’m sharing with you the updated maternity service package of Perpetual Succour Hospital here in Cebu. Know that it’s not fully free, neither it is a charity program for moms to be. However, you will get significant discounts on fees for lab tests, ultrasound, accommodation (only ward is available), as well as labor/delivery room.

Who’s eligible for PSH’s maternity service program?

All pregnant women up to 32 weeks and 6 days age of gestation (AOG) can join PSH’s Maternity Service Package (MSP) program at the Out-Patient Department (OPD). If you’re 33 weeks of AOG and beyond, you can submit a written referral and consent from your private OB or health centers for transfer of prenatal care.

The PSH Outpatient Department is open from Monday to Friday (except on Holidays) from 8am to 2pm, Tuesday from 8am to 12 am; Saturdays, from 8am to 12am. The cut-off time is 10am. For more information, you can call PSH OPD at 032-233-8620 loc 120.

What are the requirements for enrollment to PSH Maternity Service Package?

  • P1,500 as enrolment fee to the Maternity Service Package and initial downpayment (remaining balance will be paid in installment, at least P750 per visit, until fully paid). The total Normal delivery fee under their maternity package is P8,000; Caesarian Delivery Fee is P20,000.
  • Attendance to the Maternity Service Package (MSP) orientation, scheduled at 9AM from Monday to Friday (except Tuesdays & holidays) at the conference room of PSH Outpatient department.
  • Signed agreement form (documents are to be provided by the OPD nurses)
  • Laboratory tests such as CBC, blood typing, urinalysis, HBSAg (Qualitative), HIV Testing, HBA1c, pap smear, pelvic ultrasound, and more as requested by your Resident Physician.
  • Note that all these test results must be submitted to the resident OB for reading within 7 days from date of orientation and enrolment. Otherwise, your initial enrolment payment of P1500 to the program will be forfeited.
  • Submission of certificate of blood donated issued by the PSH blood bank. They require 500cc of blood for normal delivery and 2 units of 500cc blood for Caesarian delivery. Deadline of blood donor certificate submission is on or before the fifth prenatal visit or within 24 hours of admission.
  • Attendance to Mother’s Class, held every 1st Saturday of the month at San Pedro Calungsod hall.

What are the privileges of being enrolled in the Maternity Service Package?

  • 30% discount on lab tests and ultrasound done at PSH
  • Discounted hospital fees for normal delivery (P8,000) covering all prenatal and post partum visits, labor room fee (24H), delivery room fee, 1 day ward accommodation for the mom, 1 day nursery accommodation for the baby.
  • Discounted fees for Caesarian delivery (P20,000), inclusive of all prenatal and post partum visits, labor room fee (24H), delivery room fee, recovery room fee, 3 days ward accommodation for the mom, 3 days nursery accommodation for the baby.

Can you use your private health insurance or HMOs?

No. Health insurance/HMOs cannot be used if you are enrolled in the maternity service package of PSH. However, Philhealth coverage can be used by enrollees in the program.

What to expect during labor & delivery under their Maternity Service Package Program?

Since you don’t have a private OB, you will be under the care of the Resident Physician and medical students on duty at the time of your labor and delivery. Your relatives and other non-medical staff are not allowed to enter the labor and delivery room in order to maintain the sterility of the area. Only one watcher is allowed after the delivery inside the Recovery room.

Hope this helps you prepare for your most anticipated day – the arrival of your bundle of joy. Not pregnant, yet know someone who might benefit from this post? Share it to them.

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