The Awaited Son

It is a sin to write this. To express that you are the most awaited among all births is undoubtedly a transgression. I would never forget the day you came to the world. The only son – our family’s most celebrated birth.

Perhaps you were clueless that mom gives birth pretty often. Don’t get disappointed that we’re just too many. There’s enough space for you. They waited for you. They wanted to have you since 1985. But they had me instead. You are the seventh child. Apparently the most wanted birth.

Do you want to know how I felt when you came out of this world from mom’s womb? You were quiet. Eerily silent. It still gives me goosebumps recalling the day when we all thought we had you and lost you at dawn. But you were born a fighter. You gave a faint cry followed by a howl – wolves would have been jealous.

Grammy was joyful. She bought everyone drinks and bread. Our neighbours shared her joy. Your siblings – your six ate’s were in tears – or I should like to hope so. It seems dramatic so you had better believe it.

Before Four Sisters featuring Toni, Bea, Angel and Shaina appeared on big screen, you were the awaited baby boy of the family. These repetitive lines perfectly capture the impression you made on us:

Your face is like an angel’s face, I’m glad you have no wings. Your face is like an angel’s face, we’re glad you have no wings.

If you have only kept my drawer intact, you’d perhaps find one of your angelic photos, which I’d like to post here. Instead, what I found is your kindergarten graduation picture – in which you’ve already learned much about the world. You’ve learned how to frown.

Today’s Friday the 13th – don’t believe in bad luck. The best and worst are yet to come – you pick which one you’d like to focus on. I’m bad at giving advice – I know you are different so there’s no point twisting your thoughts.

Happy birthday, Lic – my only and beloved brother. Don’t forget to be awesome.



*I used ‘sin’ because I thought our sibs would feel I’m playing favourites. I don’t post about them on their birthdays.  I actually posted about them. They just need to read between the lines. 



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