Review: Epic! Reading App for Toddlers

Review: Epic! Reading App for Toddlers

Have you ever needed a few minutes and wanted your child to do something productive? I found Epic! while looking for an app to keep my kid entertained while inspiring love of reading. Knowing how important fostering good reading habits is, I intend to instill that passion in my child. 

Growing up in a house without many books, I vowed to create a place where stories and books are valued. I think kids can enjoy stories just as much as adults, and one of the best ways to do that is to read. Which is precisely why I decided to check out Epic!. 

If you have a kid under the age of 12 who enjoys reading and watching animated stories, then this app is for you. It gives kids access to a huge library of ebooks, audiobooks, and educational videos that they can use as often as they want. Incorporating read-along and games, the app is entertaining and educational for young children.

One of the best parts of Epic! is that it puts safety first. Children can only access age-appropriate content, so parents can rest easy knowing they aren’t being exposed to anything harmful. The app keeps track of how much time children spend reading, which is a fantastic method to motivate them to read more by demonstrating their development as readers.

Epic! provides a rewards system to encourage children to read, in addition to its large library and interactive features. Providing kids with the opportunity to earn badges and other rewards for reading is a terrific approach to encourage them to read.

Children can listen to books being read aloud while texts are emphasized with Epic!’s “Read-to-me” feature.

The application can read aloud to my child if I don’t have time. Words are highlighted for him while the author reads them aloud in a variety of voices and accents. He has no trouble using the app on his own, so I can leave him alone with it for a while.

Is the Epic! reading app available for free?

It has a free version, but it only gives access to one book a day. The Unlimited version costs P4,190/year (P349/month). When you subscribe to Epic! app for a year, that is around P11/day for 40,000+ books, audiobooks, and videos, which is an excellent deal for heavy users.

Even though the app is rated for kids 4 and above by Common Sense Media, my 3-year-old son is learning a lot from it.

Epic! is a fantastic digital reading platform for kids and their parents. It is a safe, fun, and educational place that is perfect for young readers. Indeed, it is a great choice if you want your children to read more and develop a love of reading.

Have you tried it? If not, go ahead and try its free version. Your child will likely ask for more epic books.

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