Easy A

Imagine what high school life is like for a reputed slut. Heart-breaking and hell-bound? Easy A has its way of twisting her story from tragedy to a comedy with a moral. Previously anonymous high-school gal named Olive rises to fame (or infamy) when a rumor about her sexual encounter with a community college stud spreads […]

Catch the Big Fish!

Edward Bloom told his son stories of the life he desired to live. Soon, the son grew old enough to know that none of these tales were true. Even when Edward was dying, he would never talk of the facts of his life, purely fancy, & fascinating stories. Would the son ever draw the factual recount of his dad’s life? If so, […]

The Good Heart

Lucas, a homeless, good-hearted young man, has given up on life when he meets Jacques, the hard-hearted, sickly, sole owner of an old-fashioned men’s bar in New York. Jacques thought he could train Lucas to be his successor so he nestles him under his wings and teaches him the trade’s beatitudes and secrets. Fate must […]

Mary and Max.

Here’s a film that lingers. Gripped by Max and Mary’s musical score, claymation, voicing (esp. Mary’s) and fresh dialog, (and monologue), I stayed wide awake ’til early morn. Of course a story’s charm mainly lies on the queer characters it has, who were introduced in a mode most oddly adorable: exchanging letters. How would you imagine a […]