Here’s a film that lingers. Gripped by Max and Mary’s musical score, claymation, voicing (esp. Mary’s) and fresh dialog, (and monologue), I stayed wide awake ’til early morn. Of course a story’s charm mainly lies on the queer characters it has, who were introduced in a mode most oddly adorable: exchanging letters.

How would you imagine a nine-year old gal making friends with a 40-year old man? Chaos, confusion and misunderstanding expected. But hold your judgments as the story unfolds the thoughts, experiences and imaginations of its peculiar main casts.

Questions moved me. (Actions and) reactions made me chuckle. The exaggeration, delectable. And the narration, awesome. I couldn’t resist seeing this film twice. I bet I’ve only watched less than five movies twice. Read and listen to the script. You might see some portions as allusions, others as meaningless and unconnected chatters.

Yet, one’s sure to go nuts with the lines, and personal recounts of Mary and Max.

Indeed, amusing and charming. 🙂

By Issa

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