Imagine what high school life is like for a reputed slut. Heart-breaking and hell-bound? Easy A has its way of twisting her story from tragedy to a comedy with a moral.

Previously anonymous high-school gal named Olive rises to fame (or infamy) when a rumor about her sexual encounter with a community college stud spreads like wildfire in the campus. Can a senior high schooler handle this scandal with an inconvertible sense of humor? Is it enough to know Hawthorne’s Scarlet letter by heart to survive her schoolmates’ persecution?

While watching, I was trying to guess who will save this damsel in distress. Yet Olive isn’t any weakling in need of saving. Smart, pretty and way too sympathetic, Easy A’s heroine got into the habit of sorting out people’s problems by knowingly tarnishing her own reputation. Frivolous? Hardly so.

Easy A tweets about teenage struggles, stereotypes and realities – how teens shout every thoughts thru facebook, where chivalry has gone, how students make book reviews out of movies instead of real books.etc.

I love how Easy A doesn’t nag while waking us up- and how its hilarity sticks even after I’ve seen it twice. Absolutely worth-watching.





By Issa

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