Megan Reeves Shares the Girl Code

You’ll instantly recognize smart eyes when you see them. Playing as the tough, witty and charming FBI agent working as psychological profiler in Numb3rs, Diane Farr (aka Megan Reeves) snatched and held my attention pretty longer than brainy Amita (Charlie‘s love interest). Finding out Megan Reeves’ real-life character didn’t come as a surprise. She’s the chic that has […]

Genius Clash

Familiar with Sheldon Cooper and Leonard’s scientific arguments? Or House’s and Wilson’s disputes? Oh, we know Sheldon and House would always win, as their buddies seem a little below their level. Have you seen, heard or read, by any chance, Charlie and Larry‘s altercation? Have a peek: Charlie: Larry, do you remember when I was […]

Meet Charlie, The Math Whiz

His eyes are magnetic, his hair such sexy curls. His nose as high as towers,  his lips fully kissable. He applies math to anything, everything he comes across. He believes life is all about it, all mysteries yet unsolved. No gravitational force can keep you from falling for Professor Charlie Eppes. His extrapolations, his perspicacity, his curiosity […]