Familiar with Sheldon Cooper and Leonard’s scientific arguments? Or House’s and Wilson’s disputes? Oh, we know Sheldon and House would always win, as their buddies seem a little below their level. Have you seen, heard or read, by any chance, Charlie and Larry‘s altercation? Have a peek:

Charlie: Larry, do you remember when I was in my Junior, and I just started to grow my mustache out.
Larry: The word mustache would be a charitable characterization.
Charlie:You said that mine failed to achieve critical mass. (Here, human ears err – I couldn’t decode the verbatim so I’m merely relaying the thought.)
Larry: Oh.. dear.. sorry.. (smiling)
Charlie: No.. you were being brutally honest with me you know.. and sometimes, friends have to be brutally honest with each other. (Larry just nods. A pause. Charlie came closer, giving a pat to Larry’s left shoulder.)
Charlie: Larry.. you know this thing isn’t really just gonna happen.
Larry:Because? (eye widening, throbbing veins appear at the middle of his forehead)
Charlie:People die in space shuttles, Larry. (Intently looking at Larry’s eyes.) You know at some point, you’ve got to make a rational assessment on the situation. You’re gonna realize that shooting yourself out of a canon would just be f*ckless waste.
Larry:Let me get this right. You were actually comparing my brushing the heavens with your barely post-pubescent mustache?!
Charlie: No, I’m just being realistic.
Larry:It’s a very fortunate thing for you that I’m in a verge of fulfilling one of my life’s dreams.
Charlie:Fortunate for me?
Larry:That’s correct. Because If I were in a less brilliant frame of mind, I might as well just pop you in the nose. Excuse me.

Curious how they reconcile?
Charlie: Hey.
Larry: Hey.
Charlie:I’m not gonna apologize for expressing my opinion.
Larry: I’m not gonna apologize for choosing to ignore it. (Looking at Charlie’s FBI-related equations on the board…) You’ve got an interesting problem there. (Then they went on talking about the Brutus case.)
I truly enjoyed this episode. Kudos to the writer and cast of characters!:)

By Issa

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