His eyes are magnetic, his hair such sexy curls. His nose as high as towers,  his lips fully kissable. He applies math to anything, everything he comes across. He believes life is all about it, all mysteries yet unsolved.

Professor Charlie
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No gravitational force can keep you from falling for Professor Charlie Eppes. His extrapolations, his perspicacity, his curiosity would always leave you smiling out of pure admiration. This fictional character from NUMB3RS keeps getting into my head lately, intensifying my heart rate every time I turn on my lappy. Watching this series is my reward after doing some ‘work’. Delightful anticipation cuddles me as I begin to view each episode.

Pardon the excessive flattery I shower the show, understand that it’s incredibly difficult not to overpraise it. Numb3rs’ speedy conversations (due to liaisons), and non-layman terms in scripts make it a challenge to watch- yet a great regret to miss.

I’ve just finished the first season, now rerunning it in case I overlooked some really good parts. I might have been carried away by the crime scenes and mathematical explorations that I had missed some really important points. (Sounds like it’s a lecture to me).

You know what’s so good about this TV series? It absolutely won’t waste your time. Remember, Numb3rs respects Math.

By Issa

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