5 Signs that You’re Definitely a Staycation Junkie

If you love nothing but hotel breakfast, perfectly plush bed and long hours spent watching National Geographic on cable TV, reading travel magazines, or sleeping in, keep reading.

You’re probably a 30-ish male or female with a stable job. Your weekdays are packed with work (day job, side projects, gigs, and housework included). Needless to say, you have a very limited time for leisure. And you are a digital slave.

If I didn’t paint the full picture, it’s because there isn’t a singular profile for a true hotel staycation junkie.

But the signs are quite obvious. You’ll smell out a fellow staycation junkie when one is nearby. Here are tell-tale signs that you or someone you know might be a staycation fan.

1. You like collecting hotel mementos.

Hotel Elizabeth toiletries

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You defend Ross from the sitcom “Friends” when he put every hotel product inside his bag. You have no qualms sharing with your house guests these hotel products as you feel you paid for them in full, meaning you have complete ownership of these limited edition comfort kits. From toiletries to writing pads to slippers, you like collecting little treasures that remind you of your recent hotel stays.

2. You visit hotel booking sites more than you care to admit.

Even if you just stayed in one property recently, you can’t help hunting for your next hotel stay. You stay up to date with new hotel deal sites that crop up. Zen Rooms? Of course you’ve tried it. Traveloka? For sure you’ve heard of it. Agoda and Booking.com are your preferred search engines. Oh, they not search engines? Says who?

3. You’re surrounded with Staycation nuts.

You and your circle of friends are fully aware that a weekend is too short for a true escape in a faraway island as bus commutes, queues, and ferry rides swallow up precious vacation hours. You forge bonds with those who are equally struggling to find a real downtime in a city. These fellows are urbanites like you who discovered how crave-worthy are spa treatment, sleep and elaborate, well-made breakfast. They’re a hardworking bunch that constantly requires a reminder to lock up in a room for a much-needed break. A breather is only possible when you snatch them away from their offices and tempt them with delicious buffet breakfast, infinity pool, and fresh beddings in a fancy property.


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4. Half of your emails come from hotel booking sites.

Deals, flash sales, and secret discounts from every booking site. You receive them daily. You’ve mentally noted which one is the real deal. You love these kinds of emails as shown by a big grin on your face every time you see signs like % and numbers like 30 or 50. It’s unthinkable for you not to open every single email that promises hotel bargains (because you never want to miss such a fabulous deal!). It’s compulsive. Consuming. Unleashing your competitive side. Making you proud each time you land a truly discounted stay.

5. You never run out of reasons for a hotel stay.

It’s your sister’s wedding? You’re attending a concert in another city? Need a weekend breather or perfect getaway during rainy season? Every staycation junkie finds (or creates) a reason to hole up in a new hotel room. And the good part is, she influences those near her. So if you’re her current SO or best girl friend, you’re required to tag along. Not bad, eh?

Is It Bad to be a Hotel Staycation Junkie?

If you live in the Philippines and spending your hard-earned cash here, you’re helping the economy. A single hotel is run by many people – from the cook to the laundry attendant to the front desk officer. You put smiles on their faces at every check-in.

Wouldn’t you rather be hiking the mountains or taking a ferry ride to an exotic island? Well, you can’t be in two places at once. That’s the idea behind opportunity cost. You forgo the chance to travel to faraway lands in favor of treating your sleep-deprived body to a much-needed rest.

One of these days, you might find the right balance between exploration and relaxation. That’s what many resorts and Bed &Breakfast properties have been working so hard to offer overworked guests. For now, pamper yourself as you wish and never for a minute be guilty about it.

Embrace the truth that you’re a staycation junkie – and that it’s absolutely okay!

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