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Red Planet Hotel Cebu did not invite me to promote their property. I did pay for my stay. It was a funny booking accident on Agoda that brought me here. It happened last Saturday while I was sleepily scrolling their website for a hotel to crash – just for a mental wellness break. Luckily, it didn’t turn out to be among those financial decisions I regret. 

Red Planet Hotel Cebu

Booking Details: Room 417 | Check in/out: May 20 (Saturday at 2 PM) – May 21 (Sunday 11:45 AM)

Address: 36, Archbishop Reyes Avenue 6000 Cebu City


A stay in a 2-star property like the Red Planet Hotel in Cebu isn’t a luxurious one, but it is a decent option if you’re looking for a value hotel with a modern vibe, good location , and reliable WiFi.


Fast check-in/out, non-smoking rooms, high-quality bed, clean bathroom with hot and cold water, a rainfall shower head and a bidet, hairdryer, generous lighting, and three huge mirrors.


No complimentary in-room tea/coffee/water, no buffet breakfast, no free toiletries (to hoard, haha), no chair inside the room, and a small floor area of 14 sq.m.

Lobby at Red Planet Hotel Cebu

Ever since I saw the Red Planet Hotel, I’ve been looking forward to testing it out. Why is it even called Red Planet when it hardly resembles Mars? It has a good water supply, two pieces of iMac computers at the lobby, and a good enough WiFi.

I’m guessing the “Red Planet” doesn’t imply Mars but rather the seedy location of the hotel. Yes, it’s a short walk from Ayala Malls but it’s also close to Infinity Music Lounge, a popular nightlife hangout in Cebu. So maybe (and I’m likely wrong), Red Planet for being near the red light district? I pondered these thoughts until I reached my room.

Red Planet Hotel: The Room

Double Room at Red Planet Hotel Cebu You enter through a key card. Hmm, modern. Then the room quickly reveals itself. You’ll find a large mirror on your left, sticking tall and proud on the wall. While walking the short hallway toward your bed, you’ll smile upon seeing a hairdryer hanging next to the wall mirror. The flat TV screen is a Sharp and the AC is automatically turned on. Look up and you’ll see a huge ceiling fan. There’s no way you’ll complain about the heat inside this room.

Above your bed is a wide mirror (wider than the headboard). If you’re facing that mirror, look to your left, and the awkwardly placed desk greets you. It’s close enough to your bed that you can just use the bed as a chair substitute (pls. see the picture below). At first, you’ll find this weird but over time, you will get used to it. I thought maybe they should have used the space under the TV but that would probably make the room look even more cramped. It didn’t feel that way, though. There are two acrylic bedside tables.Reviewing Red Planet Hotel Cebu

There’s no phone in the bedroom but there’s a yellow page and a safe. If you have concerns, for instance, you need to extend your booking, you can chat with the receptionist through the Red Planet Hotel app. You can download the Red Planet Hotel Mobile App on Playstore or iTunes. Cool, eh? This eliminates the need for a traditional telephone.

Instead of bedside lamps, two ambient lights are attached on walls on both sides of the bed. Turn them on if you want some light before you sleep. Or completely turn off all the lights if you want the room completely dark. Where to hang your clothes? There’s no closet but there’s a wall-mounted hanging rail with plastic hangers ready to serve your clothes.

Check out the bathroom before you decide to hit the hay: Bathroom at Red Planet Hotel Cebu

A rainfall shower head with cold and hot shower. Check. Bidet. Check. Towels and bathroom rug. Check. Toiletries. Check (but placed in dispenser). A mirror. Check. Bathroom scale? Remind yourself again that it’s a 2-star hotel so minimalism reigns.

That’s what you get for paying P1,890 (inclusive of city tax and service charge) on a Double Room at Red Planet Hotel Cebu.

Bonus Insider Tips?

Who doesn’t love some bonus tips?

  • Go to the lobby early in the morning to use the iMac. It’s free and the internet is fast.iMac at the lobby of Red Planet Hotel Cebu
  • For light sleepers, book a room on a higher floor. The highest is 9th floor. While the noise from fourth floor isn’t so bad, I could still hear the traffic and some music around the hotel.Relaxing at Red Planet Hotel Cebu
  • For early risers who swore to eat healthy, you can go to Ayala and eat at Abaca. If Sunday is your cheat day, by all means, order from McDo or Jollibee.

Have you stayed in Red Planet Hotel in Cebu? Tell me and the curious readers of this blog about your experience. Thanks!




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