Early Impressions of Dubai

I thought the AC was still turned on when we exited the arrivals at Dubai International Airport. Weh, Issa, it’s natural breeze. Most Filipinos we’ve talked to told us we were lucky to be greeted by the cold wind, luckier still to board Emirates Air- a direct flight from the Philippines.

Dubai Airport terminal 3 is solely Emirates Air. It’s probably the grandest when it comes to interior, facade,etc.. With regards to service, I’m not so sure it’s supreme. Taxi rides surprised me a bit since there were women drivers. Two aunts, an uncle and me – we’re mostly women so we took the cab with a lady driver. Cute.

Deira is the place to stay. Keep in mind the location of the clock tower, and you won’t get lost anyhow. Walking is the most advisable thing to do when you are uncertain about the place you go to. Dubai Metro subway could be another mode of transpo. It’s mesmerizing.

As for malls, I think they’re about the same as Shangri-la’s elegance, only a bit uglier because of the scent of people passing you by. hehehe. We went to Carre Four, most buyers were whites, blacks and the usual morenas and morenos. Multi-colored races found a place to flock during rest days- normally, Friday and Saturday. Two things caught my attention, the price of notebooks (lap tops) and the smart bed design – I wish to write about these topics in detail, just give me time.

Having lonely nights? Walk along Deira’s liveliest road, Al Rigga. We did. Parang hinahanap ba ng panlasa mo ang food chains ng pinas? Bisitahin mo lang ang kalyeng ito. It’s easy to find from the clock tower – nobody doesn’t know that landmark. Ehh.. don’t get a cab, 10dhs is now the minimum fare no matter where you go. Walk.

While walking along this road, I realized I won’t be staying here for long so I’ve got to capture what can be put into the memory capsule. Here, I’m writing. But I hope to give more than just glimpses of this place. At present, Dubai is cold, clean and not so foreign- I guess I could explore the place more.

Conceiving of Dubai detailed recount?  Why not? It’s a project worth doing.

Oopps.. did I come here to just visit? hehehe… Beats me.

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  1. weeeh! parang enjoy na enjoy ahh..

    Repost mo lang to sa teacherissa once nag-online na..anytime next week..hehehe..


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