I’ll Walk You Through Bur Dubai, Come!

Pedestrians, Bur Dubai

I was told my blog uses too many words. So for this post, I’ll just walk you through Bur Dubai – one of the oldest areas in the city of Dubai. This is where I lived for about two years.

This is our starting point.

Bur Dubai


Spinneys – this is where we buy groceries
Spinneys Bur Dubai

Centrepoint – a department store where you can find a large section of SPLASH apparels
Centrepoint Bur Dubai

Bur Juman – one of the oldest malls in DubaiBur Juman

Imperial Residence – this hotel apartment is a stone’s throw away from our home.Imperial Residence, Bur Dubai

Wait, let’s take a break.


Okay, let’s proceed. Here’s the facade of Bur Juman.

Bur Juman

Hey, look! They’re big on road signs. You can’t really miss it.

Bur Dubai Road SignsNow, check out the entrance to the Khalid Bin Al Waleed train station. They’re still closed.

Khalid Bin Waleed

Opps, stop right there! Remember to find a pedestrian lane when crossing.

Pedestrians, Bur Dubai

All right, that’s all for now. I’ll show you the nearby parks next time. 🙂 Ciao!

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