My 50 Dream Destinations if money was no object

My 50 Dream Destinations if money was no object

I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list. – Susan Sontag

Good day, dreamers and travelers! Have you always wanted to see the world? Got a long list of your dream destinations? I’d like to have a peek! To start the ball rolling, I thought I’d begin by sharing my list with you. So here are the places on earth that I’d like to visit and why.  (Note: Part I or V)


1. Norway

Why: I’ve never seen any other country with such a dramatic landscape (waterfalls, fjords, glaciers), seascape (lakes and beaches), and skyscape (Northern Lights and a preview of the Arctic territory).

Norway fjords

2. Switzerland

Why: Blame Johanna Spyri for bringing us Heidi’s adventures while living in the snow-capped mountains with his grandpa.

Snow-capped mountain in Switzerland

3. Austria

Why: Pretty towns and plenty of opportunities to practice skiing. A beginner has to start somewhere.


4. Germany

Why: I’d like to see this fairy-tale like castle built in the 19th century. It’s called the Neuschwanstein Castle.


5. Italy

Why: I’ve always wondered what it’s like to roam in the new Rome.

New Rome

6. France

Why: Food lovers will always dream of France – the country with the most Michelin Star restaurants.


7. Northern Ireland

Why: The right question is, ‘Why not?’ This paradise is a favorite vacation spot of celebrities and dreamers.

Northern Ireland

8. Spain

Why: I want to try the sensational train ride to the legendary monastery called Monestir de Montserrat.


9. Greece

Why: I’m yet to meet a person who never loves Greece. We have great cinematographers to thank for bringing this gem to our consciousness.


10. United Kingdom

Why: What inspired the greatest novels, arts, and movies from the UK? Its otherworldly surroundings.

United Kingdom

Stay tuned for Part II of this Travel Bucket List.

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