It’s OK to Open Your Heart in Mt. Kapayas

Reaching the peak of Mt Kapayas

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to visit Mt. Kapayas in Cebu, it might not come. You need to connect with hiking enthusiasts and a good guide for this journey. Even more, you need a friend like Marj, the legendary wanderer, to remind you that it’s time to hike again.

I don’t have to convince you why hiking matters. But I’ll do it anyway, partly as a note to myself. Everyone could use a reminder. 😉

If you’d like to defeat negativity, boost your memory, and solve problems better, hiking is the way to go.

Who wants a happier, smarter brain? You’re right, that’s everyone. Losing fat and building gorgeous muscles are all secondary perks. Oh, I almost forgot,  you also get hours of real talk with adventure-thirsty people. That’s like 100 times better than group texting 20 strangers.

I know you get my drift. (Or comment your questions below if you don’t.) Come on, open up.

But do you have the time? I understand that time is precious and wasting it is a sin. You need to forgo one day from your treasured rest days to hike Mt. Kapayas. Sometimes, the trade offs are reasonable, i.e. one day a week in exchange with a healthier mind and body. At least to me, that sounds like a fair trade.

So what really happened in Mt. Kapayas?

trail to Mt. Kapayas Cebu

For starters, I told my hiking mates that I was proud of my outfit and they were obliging enough to agree. I learned from the pros in Mt Naupa that I must protect my arms and legs from bug bites and other hazards. What I failed to do this time was cover my face from the sun so yes, I went home with a red nose.

I underestimated the route. It was the real ‘beginner hike’. Mt. Naupa was a “baby hike”. I’m not saying this to talk down to those who have climbed Mt. Naupa. I’m only using a prior hiking experience to put Mt. Kapayas’ difficulty level in perspective.

Arduous as the journey was, we persisted. And here, my social graces were put to the test.

Is Hiking Mt. Kapayas for Introverts?

Mt Kapayas WildernessI was beginning to doubt my people skills. I believe if I talk more, I will achieve less so socialization was never my priority. That’s why I didn’t get better at it.

I’m not sure if I can say the same for my fellow hikers. Marj is a gregarious fellow herself. Nessie, who was having a birthday on the mountain that day, is Ms. Congeniality. Laarni is a rapport expert.

Me? I’m bad at small talks. I find it tricky, if not trite.

What I like most is to ask why. In social codes, I doubt if it’s acceptable to ask strangers or co-workers about personal matters. So I resort to the safe, quantitative questions. How old, how long, how many…etc.

Until Mt. Kapayas, where interesting questions popped up one after another. Pouring one’s heart was easy while you all aspire to reach the peak. You don’t even need a beer.

Maybe opening your heart is easy when you know it’s safe to share your thoughts – when you’re assured there’s zero judgment.

Yes, the route to Mt. Kapayas was a bit treacherous and tiring, but I’m guessing we all had an amazing time. To give you a hint,  “Open Your Heart”, the radio show we formed during the hike, was an instant hit.

It was one helluva day. You can guess how we ate like savages when the bowls of bulalo (beef stew) were served. Would I go with this group again? Sure! Would they invite me again? That, I’m yet to find out.

Thank you, Idas of Laag Sparkles, for including me on this hike at the last minute. 😀

*How Hiking Changes Our Brains and Makes Us Better Travelers [Study]

Ogle more snaps from the hike here (uninterrupted photos ahead):







on the way to Mt. Kapayas

Mt Kapayas peak






6 responses

  1. brokensirentravels Avatar

    what’s “rapport expert”? 😅😅😅
    wala ko na briefing sa akong facial expression sa group pic… 😂😂😂😂😜😜😜

  2. brokensirentravels Avatar

    what’s “rapport expert”? 😅😅😅
    wala ko na briefing sa akong facial expression sa group pic… 😂😂😂

  3. Cool! It’s been quite a while since we’ve visited Mt. Kapayas. There’s actually a cave beneath the mountain. 🙂

  4. @Laarni: Hahaha.. I admire how you can strike up a conversation with anyone. Even the motorcycle drivers looked very pleased talking to you. 🙂 You look fine in the picture!

    @Sheila and Gian: Many of us have read your post about Mt. Kapayas. That’s why we were also looking for the cave.. and Marj kinda promised we would visit some falls. We overestimated our strength and speed.haha..See you soon!

  5. You’re always a sweet and charming writer Issa. Can’t help but imagine you talking live on-air while reading this. If this’d be an anime, you’d be the live action 🙂 🙂 🙂 Again, learned so much on this entry. Can’t help but “tambay” here. HAHA. To more hike we go! 🙂

  6. Thank you, Marj. I’d stop at ‘charming’. I rarely get that compliment.haha..
    We should produce a radio program.. kanang handumanan.. Or the “Tiya Delly” type.
    Pwede rin yung action-packed na “Negra Bandida” or “Isang Gabi ng Lagim”. Game?hahaha.

    P.S. I also do that whenever I visit your blog. Imagining how your post would sound if you’re actually reading it. They sound ‘impassioned’ or ‘excited’. So you? 😀

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