Cebu Safari Adventure: Exploring the Animal World with a Toddler

As I stood at the entrance to Cebu Safari, I felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. I couldn’t wait to show Cyd (he’s on Instagram) the wonders of the animal world and create lasting family memories. But I know that traveling with a toddler can be challenging, especially since our previous excursion to Avilon Zoo made him ill. But as the gates opened and we entered the park, I knew we were in for an adventure unlike any other.

My concerns vanished as soon as we arrived at the reception. As he took in the sights and sounds of the park, Cyd’s eyes widened with wonder and delight. The speedy check-in and helpful front desk staff added to the relaxing atmosphere.

While on board the tram, the first animals we saw were the playful macaques scrambling on the roadside branches.

Looks like someone’s too busy playing to notice the real show behind him.

Cyd was happy to see peacocks roaming around and flaunting their lovely plumage as we strolled through the park. Our necks were craning as we tried to see the kangaroos, but they were too far away. Tigers, on the other hand, were easy to spot and Cyd even yelled, “No falling!” as he worried they’d jump into the canal that separated them from the tourists.

The white lions were up next, and they were a sight to behold. These magnificent creatures arrived from France and Germany, and my son couldn’t stop smiling as he watched them roam and play. Seeing his reaction made my heart sing, and I knew this holiday would be unforgettable.

Rain or shine, the zebra’s stripes always stand out!

We continued our adventure, spotting zebras, aquatic birds, and giraffes, among other species. Cyd would point and exclaim in awe whenever we came across a new animal. Seeing his curiosity and eagerness to learn more about these incredible creatures was terrific.

How to survive a Cebu Safari tour with a toddler in tow

With a map of Cebu Safari
When you’re the designated map holder but still can’t read street names.

As every parent knows, taking a young child on a trip is a unique experience. Cyd was filled with curiosity and enthusiasm as we explored Cebu Safari. Yet I knew I had to keep a watchful eye on him to ensure his safety.

There were moments of frustration when Cyd would become tired or hungry, requiring us to make last-minute changes to our plan. Long lines at some of the park’s popular attractions could also test his patience and make him grumpy. But we found ways to keep him entertained, such as playing games or giving him snacks.

Even the trip to the gardens had its challenges. Cyd’s small legs couldn’t always handle the steep slopes, and I (and his babysitter) had to carry him at times. Despite these difficulties, these were fun times for Cyd. (He would often say out of the blue that he wanted to go back to the place.)

Conservation and care at Cebu Safari

Even though I know that zoos are essential for conservation and scientific research, I have never liked seeing animals in captivity. I believe that animals should be able to live in their natural habitats without intervention from humans. But I know there are times when it is important to keep animals in captivity, like when they are in danger or hurt and can’t live well in the wild. In these situations, it is critical to consider the animals’ well-being and provide them with a comfortable and stimulating environment.

That’s why I was surprised when I went to the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. From the minute I arrived, it was evident that the park prioritizes the well-being of the animals in their care. The animals were kept in large enclosures similar to their natural environments, and the staff knew what they needed. I felt good about my decision to visit the zoo since I knew my money would go to a place committed to animal welfare and conservation. 

Visit Cebu Safari – and stay the night

Really good wooden cabin (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options available)

When my family and friends, including my toddler Cyd, his nanny Rose, my friend Liz and her daughter, and my other friend Darwin, arrived at the Safari cabin site (also known as El Mar Resort), we were greeted with a stunning view of the Camotes Sea and the lush green mountains. Our stay in the wood cabins was comfortable and peaceful, and we slept well after a day spent exploring the zoo.

Momsy, Med, Popsy, Xia, and Cyd at Safari Camp Reception

A zoo vacation in the wood cabins is an easy sell for my wildlife-loving partner, Neil. We even brought his family here, confident that they would enjoy the sights and tours. We had free entrance to the park because we stayed at the Safari cabin, and we quickly filled two days with amazing memories of the forest-like zoo.

The cost of our stay was P20,349 for a one-night stay in a 3-bedroom cabin for a family of 9 adults and 2 children (and an infant), which included free entry to the zoo (but we paid extra for the park entrance fees for the 2 kids). We also spent P13,680 for a 2-bedroom cabin with 4 adults and 2 children. The fees included set breakfasts. Overall, the cost was worth it for the memories and experiences we had at the park.

When the clouds are gray, but the floaties are bright, nothing can stop this mini swim champion from having a pool day.

More Information about Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is easily accessible by car or bus and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The cost of admission varies based on the package you choose. You can dine at the park’s restaurants or get a snack at one of the food shops. Visitors can stop by the gift shop for a souvenir or two after a day of exploring. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, sunscreen, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Typical weather includes periods of rain, so be sure to pack an umbrella and insect spray. Plan to see the bird shows as well as Michel’s Garden and Gardens of the World to make the most of your stay.

For more information, go to, call +63 32 495 7100 or 0917-8396-758, or email

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