Hola! Welcome to my blog.

I Am Issa, the author of this blog.

I appreciate that you decided to join me today! For that, thank you very much.

(Just a minute, let me take a photo of you.)


I write to feed my need to grow. I endlessly wonder what else to know. I blog about almost anything I find engrossing, engaging, annoying, or infuriating (least about this).

Saving the neurons and ESL topics are noticeably my favorite themes. Sometimes I aspire to be a story-weaver and tell random tales.  Some of my posts simply recount what transpired in my life at a certain time and space. When inspiration or boredom strikes, I end up scribbling free verse poems.

Every now and then, I write articles for:

Uber Expensive


Island Trotters

islandtrotters.com - A website for travelers.

ESL Philippines

esl.ph - a website for ESL learners

Do you find a match between our interests?

Last 2013, I moved back to the Philippines and started blogging about my travels. You might want to know what persuaded me to return to my home country. Here’s the snappy (a bit melodramatic) tale of my indelible encounter with nature’s wondrous works in El Nido.

Are you a close friend?  A colleague? An acquaintance? A fellow blogger? A total stranger? Whoever you are and whatever brought you here, it won’t hurt to let me know.

I’m sure we all exist to fight obscurity. Slip not into oblivion once you stumble into my space. Do leave a trace.

Sagada Adventures

16 Replies to “Hola! Welcome to my blog.”

  1. so coool.. hope i can spend ample time reading all your post!

  2. Hi, Zara. 🙂

  3. Nice blog there… 😀

  4. Issa. I want to hear more. Is English your second language? I can’t tell if it’s your artistry or the slight marring of platitudes that we Americans so often use, but I find your writing very good. Your mind does not seem to fight with your voice. Very nice work.

  5. Corey, some of my posts reveal my mother tongue – Tagalog. Thanks for the encouraging comments. I’ll study more to demystify the English language. 🙂

  6. Simple but interesting blog..sure I’m gonna keep coming back for your updated post of Tips in blogging

  7. Was looking for an A shape roof design on google it took me here – nice picture. will look up it on facebook.

  8. Hi there! I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, Ate Issa. =) It’s simple but there’s something about it that really catches my eye. Columnist ka ba? Kasi based sa mga ibang articles mo and the way you wrote them, “columnist” ang nasa isip ko =D

  9. I really admire your blog. Keep on posting inspiring articles.

  10. Hi,

    You may be a late bloomer as you’ve mentioned but I would like to presume that it was written back in 2007. But obviously your blog was made with contrive ways that continues to amuse fellow bloggers / readers like me. That being said, late bloomer is no longer felicitous, you are a professional blogger/writer.


  11. Wonderful blog 🙂
    I saw your blog at bloggers.com
    Just keep it up !

  12. Hi Issa,
    My mum has already got her birth registered in Portugal…and the person whose doing the job is gonna register my birth and send it to in Dubai as i currently work in Dubai ans as i am new to this i just need Ur kind advise how would i get through the Portuguese embassy and what are the procedures….? how much would i have to spend…? please help me…
    thank you.

  13. Hi, Frayne,
    I’m no expert at this stuff. But there’s one post that has a very long thread addressing all Portugal Embassy -related queries: http://www.iamissa.com/advice/portugal-embassy-address-contact-number-in-uae.html.

  14. caitan fernandes says:

    hay dear iss i red some of ur advise and suggestion iam new to these site n say u hellow n happy new year 2016 n lorrd Jesus Christ put all his blessing on u n ur family for helping so many people. Hay issa please let me know what document’s are required to get portuguse passport for abudhabi ambassey i have bi with me

  15. Have I said this before? This blog is keeping me in touch with you. Thanks, Issa! ^^,

  16. I’m glad this blog serves a purpose.

    We really need to catch up soon. Probably April?

    See you soon! 🙂

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