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I write to feed my need to grow. I endlessly wonder what else to know. I blog about almost anything I find engrossing, engaging, annoying, or infuriating (least about this).

Saving the neurons and ESL topics are noticeably my favorite themes. Sometimes I aspire to be a story-weaver and tell random tales.  Some of my posts simply recount what transpired in my life at a certain time and space. When inspiration or boredom strikes, I end up scribbling free verse poems.

Every now and then, I write articles for:

Uber Expensive


Island Trotters

islandtrotters.com - A website for travelers.

ESL Philippines

esl.ph - a website for ESL learners

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Last 2013, I moved back to the Philippines and started blogging about my travels. You might want to know what persuaded me to return to my home country. Here’s the snappy (a bit melodramatic) tale of my indelible encounter with nature’s wondrous works in El Nido.

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