Cheerfulness as a Life Power

Bust the Leading Disease: WORRY. Declare war against worry today.

My father once said: “in life, forethought wins, just like it is in Chess.” But lately, I’ve realized that too much forethought kills.
No mental attitude is more disastrous to personal achievement, personal happiness, and personal usefulness in the world, than worry, and its twin sister, despondency (a state of low spirits caused by loss of hope or courage).

Dr. Jacoby, a famous American brain doctor said that the healthy brain can cope with occasional worry; it is the iteration and reiteration of disquieting thoughts which the cells of the brain cannot successfully combat.

Ladies, it is not heartless to worry not. We shouldn’t nurse our troubles as we do to babies. Troubles grow larger by nursing (Lady Holland). Then, what new habit can we try?

Laugh! It’s no new news that laughter is a health tonic and a life prolonger. Cheerfulness is a life power worth cultivating and sharing. Don’t fret,don’t procrastinate, share laughters now.

By Issa

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