How to be Prosperous

There are solid ways to becoming prosperous. Grasp them now. Build these pillars, now.

Do you know that there are pillars, generally eight principles, that we can rely on to be prosperous? If you don’t know this yet, then it’s the best time to shake hands with James Allen.

What are the Pillars of Prosperity? They are (1) Energy, (2) Economy, (3) Integrity, and (4) System. Applying these four principles alone will lead us to enduring success in work life. These principles are composite; each has four sub-characteristics.

  1. Energy is composed of characteristics such as being prompt, vigilant, industrious, and earnest.
  2. Economy consists of being moderate, efficient, resourceful and original.
  3. Integrity means being honest, fearless, purposeful, therefore, invincible.
  4. System implies alertness, accuracy, usefulness, and comprehensiveness.
How to be prosperous

Allen claims that bearing above qualities, it’s impossible not to be prosperous. However, he added another four important pillars to guarantee a strongly founded temple of prosperity, namely:

  1. Sympathy – kindness, generosity, gentleness and insight;
  2. Sincerity – simplicity, attractiveness, penetration, and power;
  3. Impartiality – justice, patience, calmness, and wisdom;
  4. Self-Reliance – decision, steadfastness, dignity, and independence.

Principles never change. Details do; circumstances, too. Whatever we are doing right now, Allen’s well-gathered and well-put principles on how to be prosperous will find their applications and gains in our lives. I suggest you go through his book “Eight Pillars of Prosperity”, for who else can clear up and cast light on the secrets of financial success but its tireless researcher/practitioner?

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