Get Savvier, Save Your Brain Now

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Brain- the single matter worth saving at any cost.

I’m currently paid 1090 USD a month doing a menial job. Why whine about not using much of my brain cells? The pay is not worth the loss or losses (self-esteem problems, homesickness,etc.). I’ve started to panic as soon as I caught myself duller (hopefully not dumber), so  I scoured the net for free, yet helpful advice and tips to save my brain from slowing down (faster than it normally does.)

1. Memorize song lyrics. You may want to dig studies that support this. As for me, I just had to pick people I consider brilliant and realize, “yeah, they know lots of song lyrics”. Presto. Music training has been known to aid memory. To prove it, store at least a single song in your head daily and see how it helps you remember better.

2. Make beautiful music. It’s a regret I can’t play any instruments now. I thought of listening to beautiful musicians as an alternative. I hope to get myself a musical instrument to play- soon, really soon. (Or maybe I’ll be reminded to get one once I stumble again on this post.)

3. Read a book. Oh, I promise myself I won’t put anything boring on the list. It isn’t actually a daunting task to read a book. It has always been enlightening, if not entertaining. Plus the visualization that happens while we read makes our minds active, though at times, bleeding.

4. Exercise. I’d say, “dance wildly”. Haha.. I love to dance while in the washroom. A decent option would be to walk, you’ll avoid  sprain and “are-you-crazy looks”, too. I need not justify this advice.

5. Speak a new tongue. Are you a Pinay/Pinoy? Try Spanish. It’s fun. They use no subjects, just objects and verbs, like “I love you” (subject-verb-object) is translated “Te amo” (object – verb). More interestingly, nouns agree with adjectives in number, “some pretty girls” is translated “Unas chicas guapas” while “a pretty girl” is “una chica guapa”. Adjectives are placed after noun, unlike English.

These don’t really look like a lot of work for idle neurons, right? More tips will come once I’ve tested them. I won’t mind trying your brain-saving tips and theories. Thanks a bunch in advance.

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