Wanna have a great vacation? Thinking of a fun escapade? It’s the best time to write the right stuff! Make the most of your precious holidays by aiming for the prizes offered by Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for your exemplary literary works!

Lay your hands on this!

Confident writing in English? Then this category with diverse genres suits you.

English Division

  1. Short Story
  2. Short Story for Children
  3. Essay
  4. Poetry
  5. Poetry for Children
  6. One-act Play
  7. Full-length Play
  8. Novel (entries cannot be submitted online)

If you prefer to write in our own language, try the Filipino Division:

  1. Maikling Kuwento
  2. Maikling Kuwentong Pambata
  3. Sanaysay
  4. Tula
  5. Tulang Pambata
  6. Dulang May Isang Yugto
  7. Dulang Ganap ang Haba
  8. Dulang Pampelikula (entries cannot be submitted online)

Loving regional dialects? Below categories have been included in the contest:

Regional Languages Division

  1. Short Story-Cebuano
  2. Short Story-Hiligaynon
  3. Short Story-Iluko

What is the Most Valuable Lesson I learned from the Internet?/ Ano ang Pinakamahalagang Aral ang Aking Natutunan mula sa Internet? is this year’s theme for below essay aimed at young writers.

Kabataan Division

  1. Kabataan Essay
  2. Kabataan Sanaysay

Only a single entry per category can be submitted. Deadline of submission of entries will be on April 30, 2011. For more information, check out the CPMA’s official website.

By Issa

8 thoughts on “Write Right!”
  1. I should have known this before hand. I’m currently writing a novel but constructing sentences and paragraph is hard specially if English is just your second language :X

  2. I have found out that there was no novel category in this contest :S I might go for short story.

  3. Hi, Capsule.. How about starting with a short story?

    Do you have a blog?
    Thanks for passing by and commenting..

  4. I don’t blog. I will try but I have to change pace and consider writing a much meaningful story. Thanks for the info btw.

  5. me too… i should have known this beforehand… i love writing tagalog novels. i wish i could find a publisher to review it..

  6. Hi, Kamee! It’s a yearly competition.. You have a lot of months left to prepare for Palanca 2012. 🙂

  7. im very glad na matagpuan ang writing contest na to… i love to write script. novel … actually my mga natapoz na aq pero wala nakatago lng sila… but for now i will join for it….

  8. May theme ba na kelangan sundin ng mga contestant if they’ll be joining the poetry category?

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