It’s a mistake to think you can solve any huge problem with a cup of brewed coffee.

Or the lack of it.

That’s why I’m not suggesting you do either (drown your problems with coffee drinking or quit drinking coffee to save money or time or anything valuable and finite that needs saving.)

In this post, I’m proposing something doable (Hint: you’d need to invest $25).
For fans of coffee shop hopping, I’m on your side. I mean, we’re in this hunt-for-the-best-tasting-Americano-coffee together. If you’re with me on this ride, brace yourself for a long journey.

So, I’m blogging to tell you ‘quit not the real coffee’  but ‘never ever stop saving up’.

I’m glad we discovered a sweet spot one day while strolling in Ayala.

Hario’s Pour Over Coffee Kit

The allure of the smell, the memory of the atmosphere, and the lingering taste of brewed coffee are worth every cent you spend on it. We understand the complete obsession with coffee shop hopping.  This madness is utterly rational.

But if you’re like us, you must have sworn to do things differently in 2016. We all make rash promises and scribble quick resolutions we’d regret not to keep.

Maybe as you review your list of goals this year, you realize two of them are conflicting:

(1) do more of the things you love (e.g. drinking brewed coffee); and,

(2) increase your monthly savings (so you can buy the house you’ve been dreaming of).

Now you know you need to find a compromise.

A Pour Over Coffee Kit we bought for 770 pesos in Ayala Cebu is that simple deal we were looking for. There are, of course, prettier (and pricier) options around. Just visit Allessi at the new wing of Ayala Mall Cebu and take a good look at their Conlins Coffee  collection.


What more, they offer coffee beans that are at par with (or even better than) your next-door coffee shop’s brew. So far, we have tried Artisans coffee, a 500-gram blend that’s roasted by masters. The price can range from Php350-Php450.

In our estimate, this ample supply will last for about a month for the two of us. That’s counting unexpected weekend visitors.

The math is really easy – you can do it with eyes closed. You get to save heaps while you drink as much brewed coffee as you please in the comfort of your home.

Do we say ‘kampai’ together before we drink our fill of dark, delicious, home-brewed Americano?

Update: February 27, 2018

While Artisans sounds delicious, truth is Blue Notes coffee from the same shop in Ayala, Alessi, tastes even better. They have various flavors and so far, I’m in love with Sumatra. Check it out when you get the chance.

By Issa

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