Bored of my first few days at work, I downloaded an e-book “The Art of War“. T’was surely more than an ennui-buster. Though physically, t’was a painful read (the texts could be hardly seen as they were intentionally blurred), urging readers to buy the original copy, perhaps.

I was glued to the lessons on the FIVE BESETTING SINS OF A GENERAL, as follows:

1. RECKLESSNESS as it will lead to destruction.

2. COWARDICE as it always leads to capture.

3. HASTY TEMPER as one could be easily provoked by insults.

4. DELICACY OF HONOR as one might be sensitive to shame.

5. OVER-SOLICITUDE FOR OTHERS as it exposes you to worry and trouble.

P.S.: Although we are not generals, the lessons on commonly committed sins apply, don’t they? I must be slightly guilty of the fifth sin, ‘never thought we’re sinning when we care so much about the needs of others. Indeed, it’s a must to learn what and who should and should not bother you. Better to be keen than to sin. I bet if life is war, this is one of those good books to guide us lead it artfully. 🙂

P.S.S.: Guess my surprise when I found a small piece of paper inserted in my notepad with these five lessons in outline form. Maybe it’s just meant to be shared.

By Issa

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